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What is the price of upgrading with Southwest?

A comprehensive guide about 'Upgrading with Southwest Airlines'

Like other airlines, Southwest Airlines prioritizes customer satisfaction and ensures an incredible journey. If you plan to fly with Southwest Airlines and wish to upgrade the boarding, that is possible. Upgrading a seat with Southwest Airlines is quite simple, as the airline provides a ticket upgrade tool online that you can use to upgrade the booking if you are eligible.Can you upgrade a Southwest flight after booking? The short answer is yes. The procedure to upgrade your flight after booking and other details are in the content below; stay tuned for a better experience.

How do you upgrade your Southwest flight after booking?

Here is the detailed upgrade method you can follow to upgrade to Business class select with Southwest after booking. This is the online process you can use to upgrade to Business Select. It comes with Priority Boarding A1 to A15; it is refundable, same-day change/ standby options, and free internet. To begin:

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines official website and scroll down to the bottom
  • Click on the 'Upgrade To Business Select' link under Southwest products
  • On the upgrade age, enter the 'Confirmation number first name and last name, and click on 'Continue.'
  • Click the ticket you want to upgrade to and proceed with the upgrade process
  • Southwest Airlines will guide you through the upgrade process if available

Alternative ways to upgrade:

In case you are just willing to get a better boarding position, here are the various options you can choose to upgrade your seat:

Pay Extra for Southwest upgrade boarding service:

You can enjoy the A1 to A15 boarding position if this upgrade is available. This upgrade service price varies but usually costs around $30 to $80 per person. You can purchase the upgraded boarding positions at the departure gate/ ticket counter on the same day or via the Southwest website.

Purchase Early Bird Check-in:

As the name suggests, you get priority check-in with this service at around $15 to $25 per person, which may vary based on various factors. If you purchase Early Bird Check-in, the airline automatically checks you up to 36 hours before departure. Although a boarding position here is not guaranteed, it improves seat selection options and helps you with boarding sooner than the regular public. You can purchase Early Bird Chvek-in via the official website.

How much does it cost to upgrade Southwest?

If you want to upgrade to Southwest Business Select, the cost varies. You can check the price to upgrade just before completing the upgrade process. As Wanna Get Away is the most affordable fare, the upgrade cost will be more than that. You can speak to the Southwest Airlines team directly for the exact cost.

Can you get a free upgrade on Southwest Airlines?

You don't need to worry about whether you have the right credit card with priority boarding perks. You can quickly get a free upgrade with your credit card and be among passengers who board early.

Southwest Airlines upgrade - Important Points to consider

Southwest Airlines does not assign seats like other airlines because they are the same regardless of fares.

With Southwest Airlines, you get boarding positions A, B, and C and a number 1 to 60 at check-in, and this will decide how quickly you will board and choose your seats.

As the seats are similar, the airline does not have perfect business cases or first-class seats. However, you get added perks including reward points, same-day change/cancellation, priority boarding, etc.

In conclusion, Southwest Airlines provides upgraded boarding positions that you can purchase online after booking. Can you upgrade to a Southwest flight after booking? For more information, you can contact Southwest Airlines directly or visit the official website online.