• 03 Jul, 2024
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What are the costs of flying a pet in Canada?

Air Canada is a popular air carrier that permits travelers to carry their small pets to selected destinations. However, travelers must be aware of the crucial policies and terms and conditions set by the airline to avoid any inconvenience. Also, they must register their pets in advance and pay pet-carrying fees. If you are wondering about the charges to be paid for the transportation, then you must note that you need to pay approximately $50-$59 for a one-way trip for domestic destinations for a cabin; on the other hand, for international destinations, you must pay about $100- $118. Also, if you are taking a pet in the baggage compartment, the fee is about $100-300. They must always note that this fee is not fixed and can change according to the weight of the pet, destination, and travel class.

Pet policies for Air Canada:

Though Air Canada enables travelers to carry small pets on their flights, they have framed several important policies for easy procedures. If you are planning to carry your pets on flights to short-haul or long-haul destinations, then it is important that you be clear about the policies. The quick policies are as follows:

  • Unaccompanied minors are not permitted to carry pets on Air Canada flights.
  • Travelers who have selected or allotted bulkhead or exit seats are not allowed to carry pets in the cabin.
  • Pets cannot be carried in a premium economy cabin of Air Canada.
  • You must place your pets in the cabin that must fit under your seats and make sure it is well-ventilated and spacious for your pet to move and lie down.
  • 292 is the maximum linear dimension allowed in an Air Canada cabin for pet transportation.
  • The weight of both pet and kennel must be under 45 kg.

The online procedure to add pets on Air Canada:

Travelers who have already made reservations on Air Canada can add pets to their existing bookings online. On the other hand, if they have not made reservations up till now, they can

  • Visit the official Air Canada website.
  • Click on the plan option from the title bar.
  • Now tap on "traveling with pet" under the special assistance option.
  • You must mention all the information regarding your pet.
  • Also, if required, mention special needs in the message box.
  • Save and click on the next button.
  • Complete the transaction and press the submit button.

Other important factors to consider when traveling with a pet on Air Canada:

Now that you are already aware of the process of adding pets to your tickets and are also well informed about the policies set by the airlines, you must also take note of the following important pointers:

  • Travelers are only permitted to take one cat or dog in the cabin.
  • Passengers must make sure their pets are at least 10 weeks or more.
  • Travelers carrying pets can neither check in online nor at the self-kiosk; then, you will be available at the airport 30 minutes before check-in time to complete the airport check-in with pets.
  • In order to carry pets in the cabin or Air India baggage compartments, they must inform airlines and register their pets in advance.
  • Travelers who change their reservations must contact customer services to change it for their pets, too. Also read about Airlines' Pet Policy.

Conclusion: Carrying your pets on Air Canada is a straightforward method, provided travelers are well aware of the crucial aspects. You must have already got an answer to your questions like the charges to be paid for the carrier of the pet from the above section. Still, if any doubt is bothering you, then customer services are dedicated to resolving all your pet queries. Customers can dial 1 888 247 2262 to get all their queries regarding their pets permanently resolved.