• 06 May, 2024
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How much does it cost to change flights on Qatar Airways?

Passengers who want to change their flight date with Qatar Airways have to pay a relevant fee ranging from around $100 to $125, and it also varies in the time left for the flight. This fee only applies to the Economy ticket holders as the rest of the upper ticket class offer free flight change. However, you must also remember that the $25 additional service fee will also apply when you modify the ticket through the phone number or airline's office. You can also reach out to customer service for any further information or assistance regarding the airline's services.

Qatar Airways flight change policy:

  • If the passenger wants to change flights with Qatar Airways, they have to pay the difference between the new and old fare along with the fee.
  • The flight change option is available up to 3 hours before the flight.
  • If the airline has canceled your flight, you can reschedule it for free to the next available date or request a full refund.
  • To request a flight change with Qatar Airways, use the "Manage Booking" option or call the official phone number.
  • Flights booked via a third party can only rescheduled through them.

Multiple ways to change a flight with Qatar Airways

There are multiple ways you can reschedule your flight with Qatar Airways. Read the described information to learn about the process for using them:

Via Official Webpage - The quickest way to change the flight date with the airline is through the official webpage. You must mention the required details in the "Manage Booking" section and reschedule the flight to your desired date. If you want to learn about the process to use the online method, then go through the mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to the official Qatar Airways webpage on your device.
  • Tap on the "Manage Booking" button from the options.
  • Write down your "Booking Reference" and the "Last Name" as described on the ticket.
  • Click on the button to change the flight and pick a new date based on availability.
  • Pay the necessary charges as shown on the screen and download the updated flight details.

Via Phone number - You can also call the airline's phone number to reschedule the ticket. Once the call gets through with a live person, they will provide details on the upcoming flights and help you with the process. Following are the instructions to change the flight through the phone number:

  • Place a phone call to the Qatar Airways official phone number.
  • Pick a language in which you want to continue the assistance. 
  • Tap on the button to change the flight date.
  • Your call will then get through to a live person from customer service.
  • Share the requested booking details and mention the date you wish to reschedule the flight.
  • The executive will make the changes and also send an email with the updated ticket information.

Via Airport - When you are unable to reschedule the flight through any of the other methods, your last option is to visit the airport. Reach out to the airline's reservation counter and provide the booking details. A live person will provide all the information on upcoming flights and also answer any questions. You need to pay the necessary fee and collect the new ticket.

What is the Qatar Airways flight change fee for miles members?

Flight reservations made through miles points charge different fees for flight changes depending upon the time left for the departure and your status. Platinum and Gold members do not have to pay any charges for rescheduling the flight up to 3 hours before the flight. The charges for Silver and Burgundy members vary from $25 to $100. If you have any questions, speak to customer service.