• 29 May, 2024
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What are Delta's charges for international baggage on flights?

Delta Airlines is highly recognized as a USA air carrier and offers several international flights daily. The baggage fees on Delta flights will alter and will be based on your seat class, along with destinations.  So, to carry any baggage on Delta Airlines international flights, you should have perfect details about the charges. You can even check the exact baggage fees from Delta Airlines' official website to avoid any problems during boarding. However, you may also check the points below to understand the Delta baggage fees depending on the international destinations, class, and other conditions.

  • If your trip is to Canada, you must pay approximately $95 for bags under 51 to 70 lbs and $190 for baggage under 71 to 100 lbs.
  • Similarly, for Mexico and Europe, the first baggage fees will vary from $30 to $40, and the second bag fees will be approximately $55 to $60.
  • For the rest of the international destinations, the first and second checked bags under 50 lbs on a Delta flight will be around $35 and $45, respectively. 

How many bags can you easily check for free on Delta International?

Usually, Delta allows a single free carry-on bag and one personal item on any international route. But, when you have doubts about, "How many bags can you check for free on Delta International?", you must check the Airline's policy or use its official page.  If you carry additional checked bags except Basic Economy class, you will charged with some additional amounts on Delta flights. However, you can avoid such extra baggage fees on Delta flights by choosing the Airlines Medallion  Elite status program. Also, the number of free checked bags will vary depending on Delta's elite tier programs.

What are the Delta Airlines baggage rules for international flights?

When you choose Delta flight as your travel partner and want to reach any international city with baggage, you should be clear with its policies. Delta Airlines baggage conditions will allow baggage of particular size, weight, and other limitations. You can learn the correct Delta baggage policies from the points below.

  • The allowable carry-on bag size on the international path should be under 45 linear inches.
  • The individual carry-on bag dimensions should be 22X14X9 inches, respectively. This also includes the size of the carry-on bag handles and wheels.  
  • Delta Airlines is strict about checked bag sizes on all international routes. The overall baggage length, width, and height should be under 62 inches.
  • Delta first allows free checked baggage to passengers who are Airline Medallion members.  
  • You can also carry any musical instruments on Delta Airlines only after prior information, and they should fit overhead or under the seat.
  • Delta permits you to carry only 100 Ml of liquid substances, such as gels, aerosols, and any paste items.
  • As per the rules, liquid items should be placed under the sealed plastic.
  • Delta Airlines has weight restrictions for passengers according to their Cabin classes.
  • The allowable baggage weight is 50 lbs per piece for Delta Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Comfort Plus, and Premium Class.
  • Similarly, the allowable baggage fees for Delta First, Business, and First Class will be around 70 lbs per piece.     

What items are restricted on Delta Airlines international flights?

Some items are prohibited from carrying while using Delta Airlines, especially on international flights.

  • Delta Airlines flights do not support ammunition, explosives, and firearms at any international destination. 
  • You will not use Delta international flights if you carry fuel or battery-based items.
  • Any alcoholic or poisonous substances are restricted to carry on Delta Airlines during international destinations.
  • Similarly, you cannot carry Tobacco, Marijuana, or e-cigarettes as per Delta Airlines' strict policies.
  • Personal medical equipment, automotive, and robotic machines are restricted from being carried on Delta. Get information about What size luggage is allowed on Delta Air Lines?