• 08 May, 2024
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How much does Alaska Airlines charge for pets?

Alaska Airlines has specific policies or terms and conditions regarding the various services and facilities. Since you have been given the option to acknowledge the complete policies for the different services, so if you are planning to travel with pets at Alaska Airlines, then at this time, if you need to travel with your pet onboard, then you are supposed to get through with this below section as here you are going to fetch the complete guidance in respect of Alaska Airline pet policies and also the standard process to add pets to your existing itinerary.

However, when you travel with Alaska Airlines and wish to add pets to an existing ticket, you will have to pay some of the nominal charges for the flight when adding the pets. Also, note that the charges you incur for pet travel are based on different pet sizes, carriers, or other options you get. Therefore, the pet travel fee will be around $100 per pet in the cabin/$150 if the pet travels in the baggage compartment. 

What size pet carrier will fit under an airline seat on Alaska Airlines?

If you are planning to travel with Alaska Airlines along with your pet, you should use the following section from here; you will be able to acquire the information for the policies and sizes required to travel with pets, described below. 

Pet carriers in the cabin - 

  • Hard-sided - Carrier size 50 - Dimensions (17"*11"*7.5")
  • Soft-sided - Carrier size 50 - Dimensions (17"*11"*9.5").

Other essential norms referring to Alaska Airlines pet policies:

  • According to Alaska Airlines' first-class cabin service, three pet carriers are permitted to travel in the cabin. Pet accommodations are required for the main cabin for eight flight carriers. 
  • Only dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds are permitted under the main cabin to accommodate and travel quickly. 
  • Note that pets with bad odors or noises should go to the climate-controlled zones within Alaska Airlines and have the best travel experience. 
  • Travelers are required to give the pre-flight workout. Also, travelers shall provide the airline with their pets' medical certifications. 
  • The airport continuously collects the fees or charges associated with pet travel. 
  • Moreover, the pets traveling in the baggage compartment are permanently restricted by breed travel norms, travel date embargoes, and fleet restrictions. 
  • Another point to consider when traveling with Alaska Airlines is to contact the customer service representative for help whenever you travel with another airline. However, regarding Alaska Airlines' pet policy, pets are never allowed to be transferred to another airline, and you will have to travel with the pet within the Alaska baggage compartment only. 
  • To arrange for pet services with Alaska Airlines contact a customer representative and you are going to then receive an appropriate set if assistance from the expert.

Can I take my dog on a plane in Alaska?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows travelers to travel with small dogs more easily than other pets like cats, household birds, etc. However, if you need to proceed with the travel and get access to the other necessary points regarding pets, then you can contact an Alaska Airlines customer representative, and you will receive appropriate assistance with complete references. 

Can I add a pet online at Alaska Airlines?

Yes, customers are given the option of adding the Alaska Airlines flight ticket along with the existing pet services online. For that, you shall begin to use the additional information page on the official Alaska Airlines website. After that, you will choose the pets tab, and here, mention the necessary information about pets like size, weight, height, and carrier size if needed. Finally, tap the submit button, and your request will be forwarded to Alaska Airlines accordingly. You will pay the charges, if any.