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How many hours of flight delay before compensation for Delta?

Delta Airlines provides flexibility to their passengers who face flight delays, which can be a big problem during a long journey; if the flight departures from Europe and the passenger is on Delta airline, then the following person will receive Delta flight delay compensation of up to 65$ per person under the EC 261 regulation. as per the policy passengers are allowed to claim compensation on the flight cancellation or delays on the flight. On one condition, the flight delays must last 3 hours or more. The airline will be highly obliged to compensate affected passengers.

Here are the Delta airline flight delay compensation policies mentioned below

As per Delta Airlines' compensation policy, if a flight gets delayed, the airline authority will provide essential amenities to the passengers, such as beverages and communication access. The team will also be responsible for offering accommodations such as replacement flight options at their convenience.

If the flight delay turns into cancellation, passengers can reserve the right to request a ticket refund, especially when the new flight or alternative flight itinerary is no longer available as per the travel plans.

If the flight gets delayed due to exceptional scenarios such as an emergency, climatic conditions, or a technical fault inside the aircraft that is not suitable for the flight to take off, then, in that case, the passenger can claim compensation, the airline authority will provide the money in the form of vouchers so that it can be used for booking future flight trips or arrange an alternative booking as soon as possible.

In case the flight got delayed and was canceled by the airline afterward, no alternative flights were issued. Compensation will be given on the canceled flight up to 650$ per person. Still, the flight cancellation must be made less than 14 days before the flight departure schedule.

Is flight delay compensation 2 or 3 hours?

Once the flight gets delayed by 3 hours, the following passenger is entitled to compensation, but that should be the airline taking complete responsibility for delaying the flight. After that, the passenger will receive a full refund or wait until the airline arranges an alternate flight at the passenger's convenience.

Airlines should still provide certain services even if the flight gets delayed by 2 hours. Such as free meals and refreshments along with access to entertainment ( free wifi)

How much does your fight have to be delayed to get compensation?

The flight delay compensation depends on the flight type booked, the compensation calculated, and the duration from which the flight got delayed. If it is a natural disturbance, the compensation will be different. If there is a national emergency, the airline will delay and cancel it further to avoid any causality. Then, the authority will compensate a handful of the amount per the situation.

But generally, the fight must be delayed up to 3 hours before the passengers get compensation. The compensation amount depends on the flight's route distance.

  • If the flight is under 1500 km, compensation can go up to 250$ per person.
  • If the flight is internal and over 1500 km, compensation goes up to 400$ per person.
  • If the flight is a noninternal EU between 1500 and 3500 km, compensation goes up to 400$ per person.
  • If the flight is a noninternal EU flight over 3500 Km, compensation goes up to 600$ per person.

How do I know if I am eligible for flight delay compensation?

You can check the booking details on the site. If it shows a delay and the delay time is more than 3 hours, then the flight ticket is ready for a compensation claim. The claim can be made online through the compensation form by filling it out with the necessary details and submitting it to the airline team. The team will verify the compensation request per the policy, and then the amount will be returned in a voucher form or wallet. For detailed information click here.

Check eligibility for flight delay compensation through phone.

For more information regarding flight delay compensation eligibility, the passenger can talk to an airline customer service executive at the toll-free number 18001236645, which is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Provide the details to the executive, who will check eligibility and submit the claim request. Then, after a few days, get the money using the given account details.