• 13 Jun, 2024
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How long does a United Airlines flight need to be delayed to qualify for compensation?

Though United Airlines flights are generally on time, there are many incidences where its flights are either delayed or canceled, creating inconvenience for the passengers. In such cases, the airlines offer compensation to the ticket holders. Now, if you are wondering when you can get compensation, then you must note that if your United flight is delayed consecutively for more than 8 hours, then you are liable for receiving compensation. You must note that your compensation request must be in accordance with the policies set by the airline. All the detailed and relevant information regarding United Airlines' compensation, from policies and procedures to time taken, is provided in the following section.

Compensation policy for United airlines:

There are a number of important policies set by United Airlines for claiming compensation. If you are wondering what these policies are, then you must go through the following highlights:

  • Compensation can be claimed by travelers if United Airlines denies them boarding a flight.
  • If travelers come across news that their flights are delayed for more than 8 hours, then they will get compensation.
  • Whenever flights are delayed from United Airlines end then then travelers can expect compensation.
  • Compensation will be provided in the original mode of payment to the travelers.
  • Travelers must have a genuine reason for claiming compensation and must have validating documents to verify the cause.

The online process for claiming compensation from United Airlines:

Now that you are familiar with the compensation policies and eligibilities, you must also take note of the process to register your request. You have the best alternative to claim compensation online. This straightforward process only requires a series of online instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the official United Airlines website.
  • You must now go to the "My trips" section.
  • Fill out the passenger's last name and confirmation code to find your ticket.
  • As you get your booking, you must click on the compensation form link. 
  • Fill in all the mandatory fields.
  • Mention your reasons for claiming compensation in the message box.
  • Link all the documents to verify your reason for claiming compensation.
  • Reconfirm the filed details and press the submit button.

Contact United Airlines for compensation inquiries:

Ticker holders who have any confusion regarding the compensation or eligibility inquiry can communicate with customer services to get away with the problems in the shortest time. It is wise to connect over the phone by dialing the official United Airlines phone number: 1 800 864 8331. They must stay on the phone line to receive and follow all automated voices. As they come across live representatives, they must provide their ticket number and other booking inquiries along with the reason for claiming a refund. The airline representative will look for your tickets, and if the reason is found valid, then will register the compensation request.

How much time does United Airlines take to provide compensation?

Once travelers register their compensation request it might take approximately up to 45 business days to get back the money. The airline will look into the matter and check the eligibility and process your compensation request.