• 13 Jun, 2024
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Seek guidance on changing the flight with Avianca.

After making the flight bookings with Avianca Airlines, if you get any issues like the purpose of bookings getting rescheduled, weather is not convenient for traveling, airlines delaying the flight, etc., then in such a situation, you will get the option to change the flight. The flight change option will help most of those customers whose plans are not confirmed even at the last minute. However, while changing the flight, there are certain policies that you will need to follow. If you are changing the flight but do not have information about the flight change policies or the process, then you must go through the information below.

How late can you change a flight with Avianca?

The time at which you can change your flight with Avianca Airlines will vary according to the destination and route of the flight. If you have a reservation for an international flight, you can change it before 01 hours of departure, and if you are traveling to a domestic destination, you can change the flight before 35 minutes of departure.

What are Avianca Airlines' flight change policies?

While changing the flight, there are certain flight change policies that a customer will need to follow, and having the information about these policies is essential as it will tell you whether you will need to pay the flight change cost or not. If you do not have information about the flight change policies, you will need to go through below.

  • The airlines will only accept the flight change request if there are any seats vacant on the newly selected flight.
  • If the airline delays the flight for more than 3 hours for its own reasons, you will have the option to change the flight without paying charges.
  • If you make the flight change request within 24 hours of the booking, then you will not need to pay any charges, but after that time, the airlines will charge the flight change cost.
  • After making the flight, if you get any medical issue due to which you are looking to change the flight, then you wil not need to pay the flight change cost.
  • While purchasing the flight, if you add any insurance to your tickets, then you can change the flight without paying

How do i change my flight with Avianca Airlines?

To change the Avianca Airlines flight, you can use their official website or approach their expert by calling this number 1 (866) 919-0081. If you do not want to face the long call wait time and want to change the flight using the online option, then you will need to use the Avianca website and the complete process is mentioned below.

  • Find out the official website of Avianca Airlines
  • Following that, choose the manage booking option
  • Further, mention the last name with the PNR number
  • Now choose the change flight option and then select the flight from the available options.
  • Next, you need to save the information, and if there are any charges available, then pay them.
  • Doing that, the airline will send you an email to change the flight successfully.