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How to upgrade to business class on Tap Portugal?

Tap Portugal believes in providing premium quality service to their passengers even thousands of kilometers above the ground. Suppose after booking the flight you realized that in a hurry you booked the economy class of the Tap Portugal and now you do not know how to upgrade. now, this post will help you in upgrading your Tap Portugal flight.

How do I upgrade to business class TAP?

Multiple ways can serve you with the result of upgrading your Tap Portugal flight tickets. One of the most used and popular methods is utilizing their website. If you want a Business class upgrade with Tap Portugal here are the step-by-step guidelines for your better understanding:

  • Visit the authorized site of Tap Portugal.
  • Go to the Manage Booking option.
  • Check out the Booking Manage tab mentioned here.
  • Fill out your itineraries and the flight details will appear.
  • Select the button to upgrade and follow the instructions.
  • According to the seat availability, your upgrade will proceed.

Can you upgrade to business class after booking?

As your ticket will be switched from economy class to the business class of Tap Portugal you will experience spacious legrooms, prior security checking, gourmet dishes, private seating, and others. If you are searching for whether you can receive an upgrade even after booking then the answer is yes, the airline allows an upgrade prior to the 36 or before one day from the departure.

How do I change my economy ticket to business class?

Willing to change your economy ticket to business class then certain methods will help you with the procedure. Following are the strategies, walk through these and you will be able to upgrade the ticket to a business class:

  • Check-in: At the time of check-in through the mobile application, You need to select the upgrade option. According to the number of seats, upgrading will be done.
  • Through Booking management: On the website of Tap Portugal by availing of the Booking Managae option, the upgrade can easily be done by you.
  • At the airport: After arriving at the airport you can directly communicate with one of the Tap Portugal executives asking for an upgrade. The agent will offer you their support immediately.
  • Mile& Go: If you are a frequent flyer then log in to your Tap Portugal and apply your Miles& Go for an upgrade.

Does TAP offer upgrades?

Tap Portugal presents the chance to passengers who need an upgrade, TAP offers the TAP Upgrade Auctions.  Here, you need to propose a price that you are ready to pay for an upgrade. You can do the bidding on the website of TAP Portugal, the duration for making the pitch is 36 hours or one day before the take-off of the scheduled flight.

Facilities in the Tap Portugal Business class

Passengers want a convenient and hassle-free journey which is exactly the reason they should fly with Tap Portugal's business class. The facilities of the Tap Portugal Business class as written in the following lines:

  • Priority security check: Tap gives services of Fast Trak or TSA PreCheck that help with security management. Because of this two passengers do not have to wait their time for the security
  • Onboard meals: Whether the flight is for short distances or medium distances, you can find a variety of meals, snacks, and drinks.
  • Privacy: In the cabins of Business Class you can relax and experience the comforting tourney without any disturbance.


To uplift your overall experience with Tap Portugal you can upgrade readily, if you have never upgraded any flight then this post will help you step by step. As you finish reading this hopefully you will use these above-mentioned methods according to your requirements.