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How do I change my flight date online with Delta Airlines? 

Delta Airlines is a genuine airline that provides customer-centric policies and a hassle-free experience. If your ticket is booked with Delta Airlines and you are willing to postpone it to a new date, it's possible. Delta allows you to modify the flight date online via the website, by phone, or at the airport. In addition, you may also need to pay some change fees based on various factors. In the article, we will teach you how to modify the flight date with Delta, the flight change fee with Delta, and other terms and conditions. Stay tuned until the end to have a hassle-free experience.

Delta Airlines flight change process: 

Depending on the booking source, you can change the flight date via the Delta website, by phone, or at the airport. Moreover, when a third-party booking is involved, you can speak to the Delta agent directly. Here are the details of the procedure: 

Change the flight date online: It is the simplest and most convenient option if you want to change the flight date with Delta. Besides when making change through website, no additional service tax or booking fee is applied. 

  • Go to the Delta Airlines official website and log in
  • Else, look for the manage booking section on the page and access booking details 
  • Enter the confirmation code and surname and click 'find booking.'
  • Select the ticket you want to change and click on; Edit Reservation.' 
  • Modify the flight date based on the availability and save to confirm it 
  • On the payment page, pay for the change fee and fare difference in case there 
  • Follow the prompt, and once the booking is modified, you will get the confirmation email soon 

Change the flight date by phone: If you don't find the online process feasible, change the flight date by phone. Call the Delta Airlines hotline and speak to the agent. Request them that you want to modify the booking and provide details. The Delta agent will modify the booking and share a confirmation email soon. 

Delta Airline change flight fee: 

Usually, you don't need to pay the change fee unless your departure is after a week and you modify the booking within 24 hours. In case you fail, the change fee based on various factors like fare conditions, route, and destination applies. You can call a Delta Airlines representative if you need to find the exact cost. 

Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy 

If the scheduled departure is after a week, you can change the flight date for free within 24 hours of booking. If you fail, the change fee will be based on various factors. 

You can change the Delta flight date up to 2 hours before the departure. However, in that case, a hefty amount of change fee may apply. 

The Flight change policy applies to the booking you made directly from Delta, not to the third-party booking. Moreover, it's subject to the availability of a flight for a new date. 

If the new booking is expensive, you will have to pay the difference in fare when changing the flight date with Delta. Besides, if the new ticket is cheaper, you may ask for travel credit from Delta Airlines. Read more in detail about Is it free in Delta to change flights.

Conclusion: If the original plan is postponed, you can change the flight date with Delta anytime. Delta allows you to modify the booking via the official website, by phone, and at the airport. If you want to modify the booking for free, do so within 24 hours of booking. Moreover, read the associated terms and conditions to avoid any hassle and inconvenience. For more information or if you have any concerns, speak to Delta Airlines reprsentative, or you can visit the official website.