• 13 Apr, 2024
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An Ultimate Guide to Overcome your fear of flying.

Flight of someone is an enjoyable experience, and for some, it is a full torture as there are people who are terrified of flying as they tend to have anxiety. Flying with anxiety and nervousness can turn out to be a horrifying flying experience. Some passengers get panic attacks during the flight, and the reason could be a phobia of height, and because of that, they end up having other problems. But defeating your fear of flying is very important; pass through all the obstacles that come your way and overcome your fear of flying. The easiest and the simplest ways to follow up to beat your fear are mentioned below. Please go through them and understand the importance of getting over your fear.

Step to conquer your fear of flying.

  • Prepare your Mind: It is all in the mind, they say, so that you can overcome any situation in your life. The first and foremost step is to develop your mindset and prepare for what comes your way. For flying, your mind needs to be strong, you need to believe in yourself, and you need to realize that you can and will survive.
  • Think about your destination: During the flight, if your mind crosses negative lines, stop all the creepy imagination then and there and immediately divert your mind. Think about your desired destination and what you will do as you land. This will calm your mind and protect you from getting anxious.
  • Divert your mind with entertainment: You can avail yourself of the in-flight service on the plane and watch your comfort movie or TV show. That will distract your mind from your fear and calm you down. Else you can plug in your headsets and listen to your mind soothing music and try to relax while shitting your eyes. Your phobia will dissolve, and your heart will calm a little.

Why does a fear of flying happen in the first place?

There is no specific reason for Aerophobia; the fear might have developed from a bad and traumatic early flight experience that gets triggered every time. It might also be because of other fears that people normally tend to have. Although it is normal to be nervous about flying, especially if it is your very first flying experience, the fear that gets triggered is mentioned below.

  • A fear of heights - Many people strongly fear heights, which are normal and natural. During your flight, it is obvious that your height fear will surely kick in, and depending on your body type, you will face reactions like heavy heart beating, anxiousness, and rest. The most common fear of flying that happens in the first place is the fear of heights.
  • Crowd Fear - During the flight, many passengers experience problems with the space and the crowd, as it gets claustrophobic for a few. You can discuss your issue with the flight attendee, and they will help you by offering you a seat near the open space.
  • Feeling trapped - The light is a closed space where plenty of people travel together; when you are not used to the closed space, you tend to feel trapped, which can cause various issues. Ensure you prepare your mind before traveling.

What sedative is good for flight anxiety?

To overcome flight fear, people often try to avoid it instead of facing it. Some passengers take Sedatives, which are drugs or substances which is used to calm down the person, provide them relief from nervousness and anxiety, and help a person go to sleep. To get a pill, passengers often request the doctor to prescribe "Diazepam" or "Alprazolam" as they are known as good sedatives for flight anxiety and help the person with motion sickness. The pill is usually taken an hour before the flight; carry the prescription along while carrying medicine.

How do you survive a long flight?

When your destination is miles away, and you have to experience a long-haul flight, there are some essential guidelines that you must follow to survive. Take a few precautions, as the long flight can hit you hard sometimes. Below are the points that might help you survive the long flight.

  • Pack the essentials in your carry-on bag - When packing your carry-on bag, ensure you pack what you need to survive a long flight. Pack your eye mask to get shade on your eyes for sleeping, headphones for entertainment to survive, a travel pillow for neck pain, and other essentials.
  • Take a nap - Invest your time in sleeping to survive a long flight, as it is the best way to pass the time and reduce tiredness. Use your headphones for novice cancellation, and wear your eye shades for better and more comfortable sleep.
  • Save for entertainment — you can watch movies and your preferred TV shows during your long flight. You can also save up your entertainment stuff on your phone or iPad. Carry your backup portable charger and enjoy your flight by consuming entertainment.