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Fasting has been an integral part of worship and religious belief. Almost all people around the world believe in fasting and perform it according to their religions and customs. When it comes to Ramadan, these are the 30 days of fasting that Muslims perform, and if you are traveling while fasting, it becomes extremely difficult to manage things. However, there are several airlines that have made efforts to make flying and fasting easy for you. Therefore, we are here to enlighten you on the benefits and services you can access from different airlines while traveling. 

What services different airlines are providing during Ramadan?

While fasting and the time of Iftar or Sehri falls during the journey, then you do not have to worry as the airlines are taking care of it. We have mentioned the list of things with which the different airlines will entertain you: 

  • Emirates: The airline has always been known for the amazing services they provide for Fasting during Ramadan in order to make it comfortable for them. Fasting might be a personal affair, but the airline prioritizes its passengers and takes care of all their needs. Let us look at what the Emirates has to offer during Ramadan: 
    • With other different facilities, you will be able to get customary Arabic desserts, dates, and coffee, which will be presented at the Dubai International Airport lounges. 
    • Ameals after a special selection of hot and cold meals will be offered in the First and Business Class lounges.
    • The menu includes Arabic mezze, lentil soup, Chicken Kabsa (National Dish of Saudia Arabia), Raita, Dakous (tomato tomatoes), etc.
    • They have a menu for dessert, which includes Dessert of Kunafa (pastry soaked in syrup), Pistachio cream, Basboussa (syrup-soaked semolina cake), saffron, walnut qatafey (walnut pancake), Ashta (thick cream), etc. 
    • Other facilities that you can avail of during Ramadan are Ice Cream, Arabic Coffee, Dates, or Baklawa.
    • The Airline Lounges have a Prayer Room and Bathing facilities as well. 
  • Etihad Airways: When you have Flights during Ramadan with Etihad Airways, you should know that they are providing an Iftar meal at their lounges. Their lounges in Washington DC, New York, Abu Dhabi, and London Heathrow have different offerings for people who are fasting during the month of Ramadan. With some benefits, the list of meals and other Ramadan-related services are mentioned below:
    • The Airline has traditional Ramadan refreshments with date milk, laban, cucumber refresher, Vimto, Karkade and Rose Milk. 
    • If you are breaking the fast before departure, then a delicious Iftar feast will be waiting for you. 
    • Etihad Lounges has a list of rich Arabic foods, which includes chicken biryani, lobster machboos rivoli, and warm harira soup. 
    • The lounges have a menu for dessert as well, which includes Vimto cheesecake and rangeena (pitted ripe dates topped with a toasted flour and ghee mixture), rose and pistachio mahalabia (milk pudding), etc. 

Conclusion: Going through a day is difficult during Ramadan, and when it comes to traveling, things become even harder. This is the reason that knowing how the different airlines can comfort and make the journey easy is important.