• 24 May, 2024
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Does United Airlines compensate you for delays?

United Airlines is one of the genuine airlines that always stands by the passengers at every stage, including flight delays. If your flight is delayed by more than an hour or you miss the connecting flight, the airline tries all possible options to get you back on track. Besides, they also try to compensate for the delay, causing economic loss. The compensation might vary based on the delay time, the expenses you made, etc. In the article, you will find out about United Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation and related details; read it to unfold the important details. 

United flights get delayed- see available options.  

In case your United flight gets delayed, here are the various options you have: 

  • United Airlines books you on the next available flight when a flight is delayed. You can view the flights or see if a better option is available. You can use the delay option on the device to modify the ticket, bag info, and more. 
  • After you rebook the new flight, talk to United Airlines customer service immediately at the airport and ask them to arrange the bag's arrival on the new flight. 
  • You can contact the airlines and find out if you are eligible for amenities such as hotel and meal vouchers. Read also about 2 Hour Rule for Flight Delay Compensation.

United Airlines flight delay compensation- terms and conditions 

  • The United Airlines delay compensation is subject to the fact why the delay occurred, delay time, expenses you made during the delay, etc. 
  • United Airlines provides compensation if a flight delay occurs due to technical reasons, mechanical reasons, or something that is under the airline's control. You are not eligible for compensation if the delay occurs due to external factors such as bad weather, government orders, etc.
  • If the delay occurs for 3 hours or more, the airline will rebook you for the available flight, or you may also rebook a flight to the same destination, same class, for free. If you don't want to travel any longer, you can submit a refund request to get a refund of the unused ticket value. You can also contact the United team by phone or at the airport to ask for further help. 
  • If you purchase Wi-Fi on a delayed flight, you can also use the refund request form to request a refund.
  • If the delay causes an overnight stay or the expense of meals and transport to or from the airport, the airline may also compensate you for the expenses you made during the delay; ensure you have receipts for everything. 

United Airlines flight delay - Apply for Compensation 

Once you are eligible, contact United Airlines directly at 1-800-864-8331, and you can request compensation. Besides, follow these steps to apply for compensation online via the United Airlines website. 

  • Go to the official website of United Airlines
  • Search for the refund form on the page
  • Open the refund request form and choose the reason for the refund
  • Select flight delays and fill in the details in the form on screen 
  • Attach the receipts if you want to share any, and then submit the form
  • The United Airlines team will review the compensation request form and verify the details 
  • Once approved, the airline will process the compensation soon 

Conclusion: United Airlines compensated for the delay based on various factors. You can apply for compensation online via the website or by talking to the agent on the phone. Besides, consider the various terms and conditions related to United Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation. If you need more details or have any questions, speak to United Airlines customer service directly. Finally, you can visit the United Airlines flight delay, cancelation, and compensation page on the official website.