• 04 May, 2024
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Can I get the bereavement price on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines covers numerous cities, mainly up to 120 Airports, and offers its tickets at affordable prices. Unfortunately, if any death occurs in a passenger's close family and now they need bereavement fare types, you can inquire about it from the Southwest agents. As per the rules, Southwest Bereavement fares are now invalid, and airlines do not offer such a facility to any passengers, regardless of their emergency. However, Southwest Airlines understands the passengers' emotions and helps them only with low-cost, flexible ticket options. 

Why do Southwest Airlines not offer any bereavement fares types?

It is among the most discussed questions why Southwest Airlines does not offer bereavement fare types or emergency prices to passengers like other air carriers. There are primarily two reasons for the restrictions on bereavement fare types, highlighted in the points below.

  • Southwest Airlines already offers low-budget tickets to all passengers on significant routes, and funeral fares become negligible compared to its affordable rates.
  • As per Southwest Airlines, many passengers take unfair advantage of bereavement fares while traveling.

What other options do I have in place of Southwest bereavement fares?

Southwest Airlines offers no support regarding bereavement fares, which may trouble new travelers. So, to overcome travelers' emergencies, Southwest Airlines offers other alternative options instead of allowing bereavement ticket prices. Moreover, these alternative methods are discussed in detail in the below points.

  • Before boarding the plane, travelers can choose the flexible stand-by ticket options without using Southwest Airlines' bereavement fare types.
  • Southwest Airlines allows same-day or ticket changes for free, but only fare differences are applicable. This is even better than bereavement fares.
  • Also, check the last-minute flight tickets on Southwest Airlines for air travel.
  • Travelers can even use their miles or another available offer to get affordable tickets despite the use of bereavement fare types.

However, same-day or itinerary changes are possible on Southwest Airlines without any charges excluding price differences, only when the tickets are available as per the policy. 

Can I call Southwest executives for bereavement fare types?

Yes, you can call Southwest Airlines agents at the correct customer service number, +1 (800) 435-9792, but the available agents will not help you regarding any bereavement fares. However, Southwest representatives can guide you through alternate methods, like changing the itinerary or making other possible modifications. However, agents cannot assist with bereavement tickets because Southwest Airlines has a strict policy and does not support such facilities for any class of passengers.

How to change Southwest tickets without bereavement fare?

During any immediate death in the close family or another emergency, you can change your tickets if the options are available. For feasible Southwest itinerary change, you should focus on the guided procedures.

  • Reach the Southwest Airlines real website:https://www.southwest.com.
  • You can tap on My Trips and choose the Change Flight tab.
  • Enter your confirmation number and first and last name to search for the tickets.
  • Choose a new date or time and only pay the fare differences for a successful itinerary change.
  • Thus, your Southwest Airlines will be modified for free, except for the price differences according to your new plan.