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Does Qatar Airways offer subsidies during Ramadan?

Qatar Airways is the Airline that has been caring for the needs of all the people traveling with them. So when it comes to Ramadan, the responsibilities increase, and they have to make sure that people traveling during Ramadan do not face any inconveniences and have the best and most comfortable journey experience. This is to ensure that there is some Qatar Airways Ramadan subsidy 2024 that the airline is providing to honor the holy month of Ramadan and ensure that people who are fasting do not have trouble during the flight. There are various benefits that the Airline provides during Ramadan, and we are going to explain them further in this read.

What is the utmost subsidy Qatar Airways has for Ramadan?

It is evident that during the journey, the one thing that remains a matter of concern for the travelers is the baggage. No matter how much baggage you have been allowed, it always seems less. However, you might not face this issue during Ramadan, as the Airline is there to entertain you with an extra baggage allowance of 15 kg during this holy month. This baggage will be allowed free of charge for all the people traveling from Doha to Jeddah or vice versa, and it is available only during the month of Ramadan.

What are the other offerings Qatar Airways has during Ramadan?

When it comes to flying with Qatar Airways during the holy month of Ramadan, there is no doubt that you must have a Qatar Airways Ramadan subsidy questionnaire, but the airline has scheduled the finest welcome
to Ramadan with the best Iftar Meal. People at Al Safwa, Globarl Premium, and Al Mourjan Lounges can enjoy the Iftar offerings. This Iftar Meal is available on selected flights and routes to the OCG, selected Indian sub-continent, Middle East, African, and Asian destinations. We have listed the things you can access at the Qatar Airways Lounges during Ramadan:

  • At the time of Iftar, all the travelers will be informed, and the crew will present an Iftar bag.
  • The bag will contain everything that will be helpful to break the fast.
  • It will have vegetarian and non-vegetarian rap, with some dates, a water bottle, a slice of cake, Arabic sweets, and laban.
  • There will be some Qatar Airways Ramadan subsidy price discounts on various services.
  • The Airline has Prayer Rooms as well, so the prayer can be performed immediately after Iftar.
  • The crew will let the traveler know about the prayer time and guide you to the prayer room.
  • When it comes to dining, the airline allows travelers to choose the things they want.
  • A dinner will be presented under the traditional lantern to make it more enjoyable for you.

How to add baggage with Qatar Airways?

If travelers are having the extra 15 kg benefit from the AIrline then they need to add the bags to the booking. They have to follow a simple process to add the extra baggage to the booking:

  • Visit the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Click on the Manage button on the homepage.
  • Add the booking reference with the last name to open the flight.
  • Navigate to the Menu and pick Baggage, and a form for bags will open.
  • Add bags and follow the instructions to complete the process.