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Does Qatar Airways have group bookings?

Qatar Airways will always be there for their passengers who want to travel with peace and comfort. The airways team has been appointed so you will get the best guidance regarding the inconvenience you face at the airport or on your flight. The team always gives its best to provide the best possible solution. Suppose you want to travel to your dream destination but also plan to take your family member, or you are with your friend's group. In that case, the authority provides Qatar Airways Group Bookings, in which you can take up to 10 passengers on one flight ticket. You will learn about the policy and procedure to make a group reservation quickly. You will also benefit from having a group booking, which is pointed out below.

What is Qatar Airways group booking policy?

Before making a group reservation, you must know about the policy written flexibly so that you can make a suitable trip without making any mistakes. Also, your expenditure will not affect your future holidays. The policies are made under the supervision of senior members so that you will be aware of your rights.

According to the policy, if you opt for group travel with Qatar Airways, you can add up to 10 members on one ticket. The group must be a sports team, on an educational trip, on holidays, and for other purposes such as meetings, conferences, etc.

  • If you wish to add more than ten members, you must inform the airways team to arrange a suitable flight for you.
  • In case you are in a group, the check-in process can be done at the airport instead of applying at the online platform.
  • If it is a group booking, you must select the seats for a group in continuous rows rather than choosing from the alternative rows.
  • If there is a particular case, you must contact the airline's executive, who will provide you with all the necessary facilities before you reach the airport.

Does Qatar Airways provide a group booking discount?

Yes, you will get the Qatar Airways group discounts from the team because you have booked the flight tickets in bulk, which will be cheaper than the single reservations. You will also get the benefits and perks that will make your entire trip easy. To gain your trust, the airline authority will provide a convenient quotation so you can travel in a group on their flight without considering the budget.

How to make a Qatar Airways group reservation?

You can make Qatar Airways group reservations online, making them easy to access from your preferred system. You will get the group booking ticket using your registered details. It will save time and make your process hassle-free once you follow the group reservation mentioned below.

Finally, you need to pay for the group ticket via different payment gateways, and the airline team will drop you the group booking ticket.

  • Open the official panel for Qatar Airways.
  • After that, click the booking tab, and the panel will open.
  • On the next page, choose the group booking option, and the form will open
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details and the passenger's information, then click the continue button.
  • Your form has been sent to the airline authority, and after some time, the airline authority will connect back to you with your details and a suitable quotation. You can choose either of the quotations according to your budget.

What are the Qatar Airways group travel benefits?

There are different Qatar Airways group travel benefits, such as offers and discounts on your reservation. You can reserve the seats for your group with a minimum deposit and pay the balance up to 7 days before the flight departure schedule.

  • You can still reserve the seats if you do not immediately have the passengers' details.
  • You can make an advance purchase of extra baggage allowance, subject to applicable rates.
  • You will get the dedicated group check-in lane from where you can reach the terminal more quickly than others.

You can connect with the dedicated customer service executive for group flight booking at Qatar Airways at a toll-free number 18777772827, available 24 hours to communicate with the professional who will guide you through booking a well-deserving group ticket for you and your members.