• 24 Jun, 2024
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Does Breeze Airways charge for carry-on luggage?

Passengers with Nice fare tickets have to pay charges for carry-on baggage as they are only allowed with free hand baggage that goes under the front passenger's seat. They can still add the carry-on baggage to the flight by paying the charges. However, all the other ticket fares including the Nicer and Nicest are given one free carry-on baggage.

Is Breeze strict about the carry-on size?

Breeze Airways offers flights at a very low price and charges for other services like baggage, seats, or in-flight amenities and that's why it is very strict about the carry-on baggage size. To get a better knowledge about the carry-on baggage, you can read the baggage policy. If you still have any queries or require help with something, then the customer service executive is also available to guide you. 

Breeze carry-on baggage policy:

  • The maximum weight approved for carry-on baggage is 16 kg.
  • No passenger is allowed to take the baggage with dimensions more than (55cm X 35cm X 22cm).
  • To add ab additional baggage to the fight, you need to pay some charges.
  • The maximum number of carry-on baggage allowed is 3.
  • The baggage has to be small enough to fit the front seat or the overhead bin.
  • If the size or the dimension of the baggage is more than the provided limit, then the airline will consider it as checked baggage and charge accordingly.

How much carry-on baggage is provided for free with Breeze?

The number of carry-on baggage provided by Breeze Airways depends on the ticket fare. However, the passengers can still buy the carry-on baggage up to 3 by paying the relevant charges. Below is mentioned the list of the baggage on the basis of the ticket fare:

  • Nice - No baggage
  • Nicer - One
  • Nicest - One

Can I add carry-on baggage to my Breeze flight at the Airport?

Before boarding the flight every baggage goes through the check-in counter for security and weight check. During the check-in at the airport, you can add the additional baggage by paying the extra fees and they will instantly add it to the flight. Breeze charges some extra fees or adding baggage at the airport that you may not have to pay while adding it online.

What are the charges to add an additional carry-on baggage with Breeze?

Passengers who want to carry more baggage than the provided limit, then they have to pay some additional charges for it. The charges to add extra carry-on baggage go up to $75 and also depend on the destination you are flying to.

What items are not allowed on a Breeze carry-on baggage?

When you are traveling with Breeze, then there are certain items that are restricted to carry-on baggage. Below is a list of some of the items that you cannot take on the plane:

  • Any flammable liquid such as Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, etc.
  • Alcohol with more than 70% volume.
  • Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Such objects include knives, paper cutters, etc.
  • Ammunition or gun.
  • E-cigarettes or related items like the e-hookah, e-cigar, or e-pipe.