• 03 May, 2024
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Read on the specific deals for American Airlines bereavement fares.

American Airlines is one of the finest significant airlines in the United States, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It offers a suitable facility to book your flight ticket on its official booking website at the lowest rate. But if you look for bereavement fares with this airline, you will not get such fares, as it only offers government or military fares in some markets. Hence, Like many other major airlines, you cannot find the American Airlines bereavement fare program on its official website. These fares were given to someone traveling due to death or imminent death in their immediate family. In the past, American Airlines provided some relief by delivering discounted fares or flexible ticketing possibilities to adjust last-minute travel plans and unexpected situations. Regardless, American Airlines has suspended bereavement fares in recent years for many reasons in the market, which you need to know in detail. 

Does American Airlines have bereavement fares?

No, American Airlines doesn't have a bereavement fare discount for its passengers who used to get a specific discount with this fare. It is said that Bereavement fares generally cost 10 to 20% less than published airfares, which you will find on various airlines. You might have to pay additional fees, such as local taxes, transfers, and checked baggage, which may apply during this fare. American Airlines used to offer cheaper bereavement flights in times of grief so loved ones could say their goodbyes or pay their respects. But now this kind of facility has been stopped for some reasons which you need to read carefully below.

  • Intricacy and Misuse:

Selecting the Bereavement fares required verification of the circumstances, such as providing a death certificate or other documentation. Hence, managing these functions made a flight journey more complex, and some passengers pushed to abuse the system by claiming bereavement status; it wasn't an accurate sign for the airlines.

  • Flexible Fare option:

American Airlines allows you to choose the flexible fare instead of the bereavement fare. So, when you fly with American Airlines and choose a flexible ticket, you will be able to change and cancel your flight with fewer penalties and get more flexible benefits than bereavement fare for other unexpected situations or changes in travel plans. 

  • Market Competition:

Online travel agencies are growing and providing competitive pricing when booking your flight online. Similarly, American Airlines has also found that offering more agreeable and fine pricing for all passengers could be a better approach than having specific fare categories for certain situations, like the bereavement status fare.

  • Buyer's anticipation:

When buyers need to experience the expected transparency and fairness in pricing, American Airlines found that offering more consistent and transparent pricing for all passengers is better than having exact fare categories for specific situations.


Thus, as of the last update, you can't get the American Airlines Bereavement fares as it has changed its policies to provide flexibility and support for emergency situations. But you will get excellent deals during your emergency trip directly with the airline, whether you fly in advance or choose a last-minute flight journey and make your trip suitable. Read more about what airlines offer bereavement fares.