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Is pet accommodation permitted on American Airlines flights?

American Airlines comes into the world's largest air carrier lists, especially when compared in fleet sizes and passenger miles revenue. You should go with some advice before traveling with Pets on American flights to avoid any confusion. Airlines allow dogs or cats as pets on passenger flights or cargo planes for transportation. However, you can carry any allowable pets on American Airlines only when you and your pets meet Airline conditions. Before carrying your pets along with you on American flights, go through this blog and check the various conditions and their related costs.

How strict is American Airlines Pet Policy?

American Airlines does not compromise when it comes to carrying pets on its flights and has strict conditions you should know about before traveling with them. Also, the strict Pets-related terms and conditions are designed only for the dog/cat breed types, sizes, and weights. You can check the strict conditions associated with American Airlines Pets from the points below.

  • American Airlines allows Pets to be carried or transported on most of the available routes for only up to 12 hours.
  • Depending on the pet's size and breed type, American Airlines allows it to be carried or transported through its cargo planes.
  • As per the rules, fully-trained service dogs can fly at American Cabin without additional costs. But, the Pets should meet the size requirements.
  • Checked Pets at ticket counters are allowed only for US-active military or any US government service personnel departments.
  • Only one kennel is allowed per pet, and it should fit comfortably under the front seat.
  • You are allowed to travel with only one personal item and a Pet carrier. But, you cannot continue the American flight services if you have additional carry-on bags apart from Pet carriers and personal items.
  • Hard-sided and soft-sided carry-on kennel sizes should be under 19X13X9 inches and 18X11X11 inches, respectively.
  • All carry-on kennels should be secure comfortable enough, and must be under the seat cabin. Soft-sided kennels must have 3-sided nylon mesh and ensure it is made of water-repellant materials.
  • While flying on American Airlines first or business class, pets will stay in the same kennel till the flight continues. While boarding, you can place them in dedicated animal-friendly compartments.
  • The maximum allowable combined weight for both carriers and Pets at American Airlines is 20 lbs.
  • Due to seat limitations, you cannot carry pets on American Airlines Boeing 777-200, 777-300, 787-8, and 787-9.
  • Pets who have higher sedatives and tranquilizers are not allowed on American Airlines because it may lead to cardiovascular disease at higher altitudes.

Can I buy my dog a seat on a Plane?

Whenever you carry pets on an American Airlines flight, calculate the charges before purchasing seats on a plane. However, you need to go through the steps below to add the pets to the American Airlines planes.

  • Open the American Airlines web page:https://www.aa.com/homePage.do or use its Mobile App.
  • Choose the Contact American under the Help column.
  • They can use the "Add carry-on pets" option on the service page.
  • Check and agree with all American Airlines Pets rules and requirements.
  • You can select the American flights on which your pets can travel.
  • You need to confirm the on-screen steps for carry-on pets on American flights.
  • Finally, pay pet-related charges to confirm seats on a plane.

How big can a pet carrier be on American Airlines?

Pet carrier size is important when traveling with your dogs or pets at American Airlines. Only the correct pet carrier size is allowed on American Airlines flights for your dogs or cats. Also, the allowable Pet carrier size for American Airlines flights is

  • Carry-on Kennel size on mainline American flights should be 19X13X9 inches.
  • The allowable carry-on Kennel dimensions for American Airlines Eagle flights are 16X12X8 inches.
  • Similarly, you can carry a soft-sided Kennel size of 18X11X11 inches.

Pet carriers should not exceed the size mentioned above by any means. While your pets use carriers, enough space should exist so that dogs or cats can stand or turn around within a carrier without any problems.

How much does it cost to board a dog on American Airlines?

You must pay some amount per the Airline's rules whenever you carry your pets on American Airlines flights. The charges may vary and depend on the country from which your pets board American flights. However, the average cost to board a dog on an American Airlines flight cabin is around $125 to $ 180 for single trips. Further, if you carry Active duty USA checked Pets at American Airlines, the cost will be around $150 to $200 per kennel. Similarly, for your carry-on Pets within the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, the Pet cost will be $150 per kennel.

Hence, you can only travel with a carry-on, service dogs, or any checked active USA pets at American Airlines according to strict rules. Also, for convenient travel with your Pets, you must go through the Pet carry-on size limit, allowable weights, and its related fees on various available routes.