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Does Allegiant Airlines do group rates?

Allegiant Airlines offers group rates for flights with ten or more travelers on their scheduled routes. However, they don't advertise specific discounts on their website; at that time, you can understand the group rates by contacting their group booking department at [email protected] to get a quote for your specific travel needs. However, Allegiant Airlines focuses on keeping fares low, so their group rates might involve a discount on the standard fare or other perks like waived fees for selecting seats together; therefore, getting a custom quote to see the exact savings is always good.

Does Allegiant have a boarding pass?

Allegiant Airlines utilizes a two-tier boarding system that combines designated zones with a sub-categorization based on carry-on luggage. There are some ways which help you in learning about how it works:

Pre-Boarding (4 Zones):

Passengers requiring additional assistance (wheelchairs, etc.)

Military personnel (active duty)

Family boarding (traveling with young children and strollers)

Priority Boarding (Purchased in advance or with Allegiant World Mastercard)

General Boarding (6 Zones):

This Kicks off after the pre-boarding zones are cleared.

Boarding orders revolve around carry-on luggage and seat locations.

Passengers without carry-on bags board first, starting from the back of the aircraft and moving forward (Zone 1).

Passengers with carry-on bags board next, again the back to the front (Zones 4,5 and 6).

Early Boarding with Priority-

If you have a young child, require assistance, or purchase priority boarding (if you want to ensure overhead in space), you will be among the first to board.

Strategic Check-in for Better General Boarding Zone-

Even if you don't have priority boarding, check-in online 24 hours before your flight allows you to potentially snag a better boarding zone within the general boarding category. It can significantly impact how quickly you board and where you are seated relative to your travel companions.

Carry-on Considerations-

If you plan to bring a carry-on bag that needs to go in the overhead bin, you will board in the later general boarding zones (Zones 4,5 and 6). It might make finding overhead space for your bag more challenging, especially on a full flight.

Tips for a smoother boarding experience with Allegiant Airlines

There are some smoother barcoding experiences with Allegiant Airlines; you need to read it.

Prioritize Early Check-in:

The earlier you check-in, the higher your chances of getting a good boarding zone with the general boarding category.

Consider Priority Boarding:

If sitting together or securing overhead bin space is crucial, purchasing priority boarding can be a worthwhile investment.

Pack Strategically:

Minimize carry-on luggage or consider a small, under-seat bag to avoid the potential scramble for overhead space.

Be Mindful of Seat Selection:

While Allegiant assigns seats for free during check-in, if you haven't chosen them beforehand, there's no guarantee you will be seated with your travel companions. Selecting seats in advance can ensure site together.

Understanding Allegiant's boarding process and implementing these tips allows you to navigate boarding efficiently and maximize your comfort during your flight.

What are the benefits of Allegiant Airlines group booking?

Allegiant Airlines offers group booking for ten or more travelers on their scheduled routes, so if you are seeking to know how it benefits you, there are some benefits that you need to read about.

The benefits of Allegiant Airlines group booking include a personalized booking experience.

Potential discounts on fares or waived fees for seat selection and the ability to coordinate travel plans for a large group.

Additionally, group members can sit together on the flight, making the travel experience more enjoyable.

How many boarding groups does Allegiant have?

Allegiant Airlines has a two-tier boarding system with ten boarding zones. The first four zones are for pre-boarding, and the remaining six are for general boarding. The general boarding zones are divided based on carry-on luggage and seat locations. Passengers are called to board in the order of their respective zones.

Can I get an earlier boarding group?

Yes, you can get an earlier boarding group by using the Allegiant World MasterCard and check-in 24 hours after flying the Allegiant flight.