• 21 May, 2024
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Does Alaska Airlines have wifi?

Alaska Airlines is a US-based airline with over 115 domestic or international destinations and prompt and reliable in-flight services, such as meals and beverages, entertainment, cabins, and more. Therefore, you are searching for whether Alaska offers Wi-Fi services; as per the traveling rates or reviews, Alaska Airlines provides Wi-Fi on most of its flights, making staying connected while you travel convenient. So, here is some of what you can expect:

Widespread Availability: Alaska boasts an extensive wifi network covering many of its routes. With a few exceptions, you can access the internet on your flight. Exceptions include select 737-9 Max airplanes (only the newly delivered ones) and all Q400 turboprop aircraft.

Two Types of Connections: There are two main categories of wifi connections on Alaska Airlines flights:

  1. Streaming-fast Satellite wifi: This is the primary option on most Alaska Airlines flights. It offers speeds suitable for streaming videos, skimming the web, and connecting with social media. The cost is typically around $8 for the duration of the flight, providing a good value for money.
  2. AirCell Gogo: This older technology might be found on several Alaska Airlines aircraft. Speeds may not be ideal for streaming, but they allow you to check emails, browse lighter websites, and stay updated with text messages. Pricing for this option may vary.

Connecting and Using Wi-Fi: Once onboard, simply turn on your device's Wi-Fi functionality and search for available networks. The Alaska Airlines wifi network should be readily apparent. Connect to it, and you'll likely be redirected to a special AlaskaWiFi.com portal. This is where you can browse available Wi-Fi plans and determine the one that nicely serves your needs.

Free Entertainment with Paid Wi-Fi: An attractive perk to note is that Alaska Airlines offers a complimentary entertainment library alongside its paid Wi-Fi service. By connecting to the wifi and visiting AlaskaWiFi.com, you'll gain access to a collection of over 800 movies and TV shows. You can stream these directly on your device for free during the flight.

Things to Consider:

While wifi is available on most flights, interruptions can occur due to various factors. These include de-icing procedures on the ground, flying over the Arctic Circle, or encountering heavy storms, must learn about it, by considering the points.

Speeds can vary depending on the aircraft, weather conditions, and overall flight usage. Generally, satellite wifi offers a decent experience, but it might not always match the bandwidth you're accustomed to on the ground.

Ensure your apparatus is fully assessed before your flight, as pouring or skimming online can quickly fatigue your battery. If you intend on using Wi-Fi extensively, consider bringing a portable charger.

Alternatives for Staying Connected:

If wifi is unavailable on your specific flight or you prefer not to pay, Alaska Airlines offers a complimentary entertainment selection on most aircraft. You can access this content by connecting to the onboard wifi (without purchasing a plan) and visiting AlaskaWiFi.com. This provides a good selection of movies and TV shows to keep you amused throughout the flight.

By planning and understanding Alaska Airlines' wifi options, you can ensure you stay connected or entertained during your next trip.