• 08 Jun, 2024
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Do airlines really offer students extra baggage allowance?

Sometimes, being a student can be more beneficial while using airline services because they may find extra baggage allowance on the trips. Some promising air carriers in the aviation market have relaxations for students when they want to continue their flight journey with more bags. Airlines generally allow additional baggage facilities to students when they meet the valid criteria according to the rules. However, students who want to carry extra books in bags can go with them without paying any additional charges.

Which Airlines provide extra baggage allowance to students?

Some eminent air carriers offer student baggage allowance facilities on specific routes. You can inquire about student baggage allowance features before booking Airline tickets. However, some of the Airlines that offer extra baggage to students are listed in the points.

What are the policies for students' extra baggage allowance?

Student allowance rules vary depending on the Airline's type and where it operates. However, some common policies provide some ideas regarding baggage allowance facilities. For complete details related to student extra bags, students should refer to the illustrative steps provided below.

  • No such compulsion exists that every air carrier will allow students extra bag facilities on its flight.
  • Only some airlines allow students to have extra baggage allowances on specific routes.
  • Most Airlines allow students a free baggage allowance if they have upgraded tickets, such as Premium, Business, or First Class.
  • Passengers with the Economy class may need help finding student extra bag allowance for free.
  • Also, Airlines allow 1 or 2 extra bags depending on their higher class.
  • The allowable limit for any extra bag should be at most 50 lb as per the Airline's conditions.
  • Students must have valid ID proofs or university affiliation documents while carrying extra baggage on the airline.
  • Passengers needing additional student bag facilities should show their original documents during check-in at the Airport.    

Still, passengers who are confused regarding the student baggage allowance terms and conditions can directly switch to the Airline's page for better information.

How many extra bags can students carry on the flight?

It depends on the Airline's terms and conditions on how many additional bags students are allowed to carry for free on its flights. However, some Airlines offer 1 or 2 additional bags of 23 Kg weight to eligible students for free, and the Airline does not charge for the same. Passengers who want to carry additional bags as students should check out the Airline's policies to avoid any confusion.

How can I get a student extra baggage allowance?

While booking airline tickets, travelers should use the advanced filter for students, which facilitates their carrying of additional bags. Nevertheless, after the confirmed tickets, students can even fill out the extra baggage form and submit their valid documents online. Further, while filling out the form, students do not have to pay any extra amounts once they submit the valid ID proof and continue their journey with additional bags on specific routes.

Can I call the Airlines customer support for extra baggage allowance?

Yes, you may call the airline's customer support through the use of the hotline number only during working hours and request the additional student bag allowance. The airline representatives will assist them after checking their ticket class and also ask them to submit valid Student ID proofs on its official website or via email. After submitting the documents, you will be eligible to carry extra bags on the airline for free.

Hence, you can find the student additional bag allowance facility only as per the airline's rules. Though, you must submit and carry the original student ID proof, affiliated University documents, passports, and visas to avail of this facility.