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Is it required to have a birth certificate for a child to fly with Frontier?

People always look forward to exploring all the rules associated with a child, and they ask the question, " Do I need a birth certification for my child to fly Frontier?" Many times, the airline objects and raises concerns about providing the certificate. So, in the following discussion, you will know everything about the certificates, documents required to travel, requirements, methods to schedule a flight ticket, its policy, and various other things.

Do you need to show your child's birth certificate on Frontier?

People flying with their child on Frontier Airlines often raise concerns about whether they must show their birth certificate. So, you are requested to take note of the following points written below;

  • To be eligible to fly with Frontier, you have to carry a copy of your child's birth certificate.
  • Ensure the document you are carrying is the original copy of your child's birth certificate.

What are the other child document rules on Frontier?

It is essential for the one to be aware of the documents necessary for the child to be eligible for flights to Frontier. For your better understanding, below are the points you need to consider based on which you will get approval from the airline. To know about the same, you are requested to dive into the points that are highlighted below; please have a look:

If a minor child is traveling with one parent or other than them, they must carry all the documents to get aboard.

NOTE: If the child is with only one parent, there are some rules as mentioned on the official webpage of Frontier Airlines; please take note of them;

  • The passport of a child is eligible for a flight.
  • Require original Child birth certificate.
  • One parent must carry the "letter of authorization in English" (it must have been signed by the parent not traveling with them along with some other information, for example, Address and phone number, along with the National Identity card of the one not traveling).

For Separated/Divorced parents, the accompanied parents must hold these documents;

  • A photocopy of the legal custody documents.
  • A letter of authorization in English must be attached by the parent who is not traveling.
  • Address, telephone number, and the national identity card of the parent not traveling with the child.

Sole custody of Accompanied parent documents;

  • A copy of the death certificate of the deceased parent or the birth certificate of the parent accompanying a kid.
  • Legal custody document.

NOTE: There are more rules associated with children on Froniter; you are suggested to get in touch with the officials who will iron out all the issues associated with the same.

How do you add your child to your FRONTIER Flight?

You can add a child to the Frontier Airlines bookings via the live chat, and the steps are below;

  • Visit the official webpage of Frontier Airlines.
  • Tap the "Contact Us" to continue.
  • You may find the "Chat With Us" tab. Ask them to add a child to your bookings.
  • Be sure to provide all your documents or ticket-related information.