• 07 Jun, 2024
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Difference between primary and premium seats on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines provides the uttermost comfort to their passengers, including the facilities that make it more significant for the traveler to fly with complete satisfaction. The cabin class has seats that have been categorized between main and premium seats. Both the seats have their own comfort and flying experience. However, some primary differences exist between leading and premium seats on Alaska Airlines, including legroom, complimentary alcoholic beverages, early boarding, and deplaning privileges. 

  • The main cabin is the standard economy type class on Alaska Airlines.
  • There is no legroom compared to standard economy seating. 
  • Main cabin passengers typically board in groups C or D. 
  • Main cabin seats are free to choose from, although there may be charges for specific seat assignments. 
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks are provided on flights over 250 miles. 

Legroom: The best part is the legroom differences. Premium-class cabins offer legroom. These seats provide an additional 4 inches of legroom or seat pitch, much more enhanced than main cabin seats. This extra space permits a more comfortable journey, especially for taller passengers. 

Beverages and alcohol: Another perk of traveling in premium class is the inclusion of drinks and beverages, including imported whiskey, colas, wines, etc. The cocktails will blow your mind and give you peace. The drinks are available on flights over 350 miles. In the main cabin, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. 

Boarding early and deplaning: Premium-class passengers also enjoy boarding privileges that allow them to board earlier and secure overhead bin space. Similarly, they will be the first to travel and arrive at the airport, making connections or exiting the aircraft more convenient. 

Pricing and upgrades: Passengers can purchase premium class seats for an additional fee, which varies according to the route and demand. Upgrades from the main cabin to the premium class start at 15 but can go up to 150 or more for longer routes. Elite members of Alaska Airlines' mileage plan program can select premium class seats for free, depending on their status and fare class. 

Seat features an configuration: premium class seats are located in the first several rows of the economy cabin and exit rows. The airline gives custom-designed Recaro leather seats with practical cup holders. Seat configurations may vary, with some premium class seats offering more legroom than others. However, on average, premium class seats provide 34 to 35 inches of pitch compared to 30-32 inches in the main cabin. 

How can I select the seats on the Alaska Airlines flight?

You can choose the seats on Alaska Airlines flights at the time of booking or check-in, etc. If the seats are not selected through the web, then the passenger has the option to choose them at the kiosk machine. 

For further information, you can connect with the Alaska team at a toll-free number available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The number can be dialed from the specific region, and then you can connect with a professional.