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Change the Birthdate on Flight Ticket

At the time of ticket purchase for your travel, you might be in a hurry that you mistakenly mentioned or selected the wrong birth date or year fields and completed your purchase by paying for the ticket. But you shouldn't worry at all because every airline provides their customer with the option of editing/modifying particular fields of their itinerary. In this case, you might be wondering about changing the birthdate on flight ticket because at the time of boarding flight, if your flight ticket details mismatch with your government ID or other necessary details and now you need to learn the procedure to change the date of birth then before that go through the terms and conditions for the birth date change onto your ticket.

Does birth date change by phone?

Passengers have the option of using the phone number +1-802-341-3403 to change their birthdate on their flight ticket because after you call and proceed with the call steps, you are going to get assistance for your help. You just need to follow the call prompts and press the appropriate option, which leads your call to connect with the respective agent aid.

How to change your birth date online for your reserved flight ticket?

To administer online easy steps for the birth date change for your ticket then, you are supposed to read the following section, which will help you quickly get through with the birth date change as per your official details requirement. 

  • First, you need to head to the official website of the airline 
  • Then you log in your account with the correct credentials
  • After this, tap the Manage My Trips icon 
  • Enter the booking reference code and last name of the traveler 
  • Now you have to select your trip, which you need to modify for birth date change 
  • Here onscreen, you have to select passengers' details and tap the date of birth option 
  • Next, as per the government ID, make the necessary modifications for the date of birth 
  • At last, when the edit is complete, you have to pay the administration fee, and after the completion, you receive a confirmation email with the complete summary.

Essential norms in reference to birth date change on your ticket:

  • At the time of birth date change online or offline, you should provide a passport, driver's license, or any other form of identification for approval
  • Online change of airline ticket must be uploaded with the government ID for verification 
  • Suppose, at the time of boarding the flight, you get disowned by the staff member. Then, at the airport helpdesk, you can proceed to make necessary changes of birth date modified with nominal charges if any 
  • Note birth date change requests for international or domestic flight tickets should get approved 4-5 hours before scheduled departure. 

Furthermore, you can read further information for birth date change norms from the airline's terms and conditions section, and you will be able to gather the best and most detailed ways to get birth date change as per your requirement accordingly

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