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How to reserve a flight and pay later?

Passengers who are not sure about their trip can reserve their seats with the airline and pay the amount later. However, the airline only allows ticket hold for a few days, and the passenger has to complete the payment within the given time. Mostly, every airline has book now pay later flights, and you can easily make the booking through different methods. If you have any questions, then connect with customer service, and they will guide you.

Ticket hold and pay later policy:

  • The maximum time allowed for ticket hold is 24 to 72 hours, depending upon the airline.
  • If the passenger fails to complete the payment within the given period, then the airline will cancel the booking.
  • After reserving the ticket, you are not allowed to make any changes.
  • You need to pay a fee to hold your seat with the airline.

How to reserve tickets and pay later?

There are different methods available through which you can hold your fare with the airline and pay the price later. You can read the below information and follow the preferred method to reserve the seat:

Through the Official webpage/Mobile application -

To reserve your seat now and pay the price later, use the online method. Fill out the required details on the official website and you will receive a ticket number that you can use to pay the amount of your flight. Go through the given points to learn about the process of using the online method:

  • Get to the official webpage or the mobile application of the airline.
  • Choose the destination as per your choice and select a date for the departure.
  • Then, you have to fill out the other necessary details and pick the preferred flight.
  • Press the option to reserve your seat and pay up the token amount.
  • Make the complete payment within the time period, and the airline will send the 

By contacting customer service -

You can also call the airline on their phone number to reserve a ticket. Once you get a hold of someone, discuss the relevant details, and they will reserve a seat for you. They will send a link to your device to make the complete payment and also fill you in with all the related details. Following are the instructions to reserve your seat by contacting customer service: 

  • Dial up the airline's reservation phone number.
  • Select any language for your assistance and press the button to book a flight.
  • An executive will get in with you in a few minutes within a few minutes.
  • Provide the destination details with other required information and describe your situation.
  • You will receive a link on your device to pay a certain amount, and the live person will share all the related details.

How long can I reserve a plane ticket?

The time limit at which you can hold your seat depends upon the airline. The maximum time allowed is 72 hours, and for some airlines, it is 24 hours. You have to pay the complete amount within the given time period to confirm your reservation.