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Can I make changes to an American Airlines flight?

American Airlines allows you to make changes in the flight, which is subject to the airline's availability of seats. The change also depends on the rules of the ticket you have purchased with the airline. The fee for checked baggage would also be transferred to the new booking that has been made. Indeed, online and offline modes of change options have been made available with the airline, for the modifications you would like to make.

Is American Airlines still waiving change fees?

No, the change fee waiver is applicable for all the ticket bookings that have been done till 29th February. Thus, it gets applied to all the travel plans scheduled between 29th February and 15th March of the year. After this time period, you will be subject to the change fee based on the destination you choose and the total distance that is traveled.

Can I reschedule my Basic economy flight with American Airlines?

No, you would not be able to reschedule the basic economy ticket purchased with American Airlines. Under stations of delay and cancellation, you would be allowed to directly make a cancellation and make a rebooking rather than giving an option for rescheduling to the specific destination chosen.

How can I make changes to my American Airlines flight?

There are divergent modes that have been made available to make the flight change with American Airlines. The specifications of the same are given here in detail for you to read through and ideate upon:

Modifications via the official website:

The most suitable mode to make the changes to the American Airlines flight that has been booked is through the online portal. The methodology that can be followed so that you can successfully make the necessary modifications is given here:

  • Peruse the landing page of American Airlines.
  • Scan over to find the Plan Travel icon at the top end.
  • Make a selection of access to the drop-down choices provided.
  • Choose the Your Trips icon that is shown.
  • Enter the credentials as being asked to access the booking page.
  • Scroll down to find the flight for which change needs to be made.
  • Check all the menu list options to find the Change My Flight link.
  • Pick out the new flight, make the difference in payment, and submit.
  • A confirmation email will be shared by the team for the change made.

Visiting the airport:

The changes in the flight reservation made with American Airlines can be done at the airport. You must reach the airport before departure and head to the ticket counter. Give all the details to the counter staff so they can find the preferred flight for you to take your trip. Produce all the relevant documents of proof for the change if required, so that the new flight with the airline can be booked easily.

Getting in touch with a travel agent:

As part of the reservation you have made through third-party travel agents, all the necessary changes to the booking can be made only via connecting with them. The agent will take in all the details of the change you want to initiate and get it done on your behalf.

Important points to consider:

When you cannot modify the flight using these modes, it is best to call the customer support team. The agent from the team would get connected to help you find the required support and help for the flight change that needs to be made. All the details of the available flight and the payment that needs to be made will be discussed with you to finalize the reservation.

What is the flight change policy with American Airlines?

While making the change in the flight with American Airlines, you need to adhere to the policy that has been formulated by the airline. The specifications of the same are given here:

  • The airline allows you to make same-day changes in the flight, which is exclusive to certain flights at a nominal fee that would be charged.
  • In situations of delay, of more than 4 hours from the time of departure, you can choose not to travel and request a flight change with the airline, which is specific to a certain class of airline.
  • All flight change processes with American Airlines can be requested only if the preferred seat is available with the airline.
  • For the bookings that were done via travel agents, all the necessary modifications and changes would only be initiated through them.
  • Under conditions that the flight fee for the newly selected flight is less than the original flight you chose, the airline will refund the amount through the payment method you chose.

What is the fee charged for same-day flight change with American Airlines?

The change fee varies depending on the class in which you are traveling. You would be charged 50 USD for the main cabin class and exempted from paying the fee for business and first-class travel.