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Get a refund from TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal provides a flexible refund policy which states that the passengers are allowed to get the complete refund only if the cancellation request is made within 24 hours of purchase and have seven days left in scheduled departure time. You can request the refund only after the cancellation which can be done either through Manage Booking or via customer support phone number. Before you share the refund request we suggest the passenger read the terms and conditions of the Refund Policy TAP Air Portugal, some of the major points explained in the following information.

  • If the request is sent within 24 hours of purchase and has seven days left in departure then the Airline is liable to pay the complete refund.
  • Passengers can cancel the booking and request TAP Air Portugal Ticket Refund online only for the tickets purchased directly from the TAP Air Portugal website.
  • For those who have made bookings through any travel agency then you should contact the agent to request for refund.
  • For tickets booked through miles, you can request a refund of the miles at the TAP Contact Center however penalties may be applied for the TAP Air Miles.
  • Refund requests made through the contact center or TAP center are subject to a refund of the service fee of nearly 40 - 60 EUROS.

What is the TAP Portugal refund eligibility?

If you wish to understand the TAP Air Portugal Refund Eligibility then you should remember it is subject to different factors such as fare types, travel destination, request time, and more. To know more check the airline refund policy.

How to get a refund from TAP Air Portugal?

Passengers wishing to claim a refund from TAP Air Portugal, they should share the request within 24 hours of purchase to avoid the extra service charges. The airline does provide several ways through which you can request a TAP Air Portugal Refund such as the Manage Booking icon or through the customer support phone number. But there are a few specific steps that customers must know which are required to share the request online that you will find in the following information.

  • To request the refund first go to the TAP Air Portugal official website.
  • Click on the Manage Booking tab and enter the booking credentials to retrieve the booking.
  • Select your flight number and click on the cancel tab.
  • Once the cancellation is completed, the screen will show the refund form link.
  • Tap on it fill in the relevant details in the form and approve the refund amount before submitting it.
  • The Airline will take a few days to show the refund amount in the original payment method.

Note: Else if you are unable to send the TAP Air Portugal Refund Request online then you can easily share the request by dialing the Airline customer support number and the agent will ask a few necessary queries.

How long does a TAP refund take?

Generally, the refund process time depends on the mode of payment used by the travelers at the time of booking. In case, the booking was made with a credit card then the refund process will take nearly seven business days which should be credited to the original payment method only. However, if the transaction is made through a debit card then the TAP Air Portugal Compensation will take more than 20 days which can be either in the form of cash or travel vouchers.

Do I get money if I cancel my flight?

As per TAP Air Portugal's Cancellation policy, travelers can get their money back only if they have purchased the Plus fares as there will be no cancellation charges, and get a full refund.