• 06 Jul, 2024
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How do I carry a dog from the USA to Canada?

Traveling with dogs on the USA to Canada Airlines is more difficult when you do not know the Pet policy and procedures to carry them. Some eminent air carriers allow pet-carrying facilities at some additional fees, even on international routes, including the USA and Canada. While going through this article, you will find out about the relevant dog-carrying procedures, rules, and related service costs. Further, you should inform the Airlines about the dog carrying at least 24 to 48 hours before the final trips.

How to add dogs for the USA to Canada flights?

You can use the online process to add the Pet services under the special assistance column. After focusing on the Airline's pet allowance rules, you can add the dog to the flights in the provided ways.

  • First, open the Airline's original website.
  • Tap on the Contact Us page or the Help option.
  • Choose the special assistance column and use the Pet allowance link.
  • Tell the number of dogs you travel with and submit the necessary documents.
  • You should also tell your dog's color, breed, and other required information.
  • After filling in all the required information, you must submit the Pet allowance fees.
  • You can carry Pets on the Airline when your dog allowance fees are submitted successfully.

What are the airline rules for carrying dogs from the USA to Canada?

Airlines have some specific terms and conditions for Pets when you want to travel with your dogs from the USA to Canada. However, the most common pet policy for reliable air carriers on the given routes is highlighted in the points.

  • Depending on the airline type, you can carry a maximum of 1 or 2 dogs.
  • Military personnel or security persons from the USA to Canada carry up to 2 dogs as per the policy.
  • Your single dog's allowable weight should be under 20 lbs.
  • Pets are allowed in the Cabin only if they fit perfectly under the seats in front of you.
  • Larger dogs can travel in the Airline's cargo carrier or as checked baggage.
  • Most Airlines allow the hard-sided carrier of allowable size up to 19X13X9 inches or 17.5X12X9 inches, and beyond that, it will be rejected.
  • For the soft-sided carriers, the maximum permitted size is 18X11X11 inches. 
  • Dogs should be under the carriers throughout the flight and have enough space for your pets.
  • As per the Airline, your dogs should be fit and have vaccinations for airplane travel from the USA to Canada.
  • When you try to carry your dogs on the Airline between the mentioned routes, some service charges will be included.    

Why should I avoid traveling with dogs on Airlines?

According to the Airline Pet policy, you can carry allowable dogs on USA to Canada flights. However, some special dogs, especially those with sub-noses, are not permitted to carry on the Airline for the following reasons.

  • Some dogs resist temperature and cannot adapt to higher temperatures or pressure when flight uses high altitudes.
  • Due to shorter noses, these dogs cannot breathe properly at higher altitudes, which can also risk their lives. Click here to understand the pet policy of airlines.

Which dogs are restricted on flights from the USA to Canada?

Some available dog breeds are restricted to use any of the well-known Airlines. Some of these breeds are given here in points.

  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Pit Bull
  • Mastiff
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Affenpinscher
  • Shih Tzu
  • Bulldog

What is the cost of carrying dogs on USA to Canada flights?

Airlines have some charges when you try to carry dogs on the flight to reach preferred cities. However, the average cost for the Pets on USA to Canada flights will be around $105 to $130 per dog. You can get the exact cost of a dog on the flight from the Airline's website.