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Can I buy a United Airlines ticket for someone else?

The mainstream query remains whether you are permitted to schedule a United airline flight ticket for someone else. A situation comes when one is occupied and requests the other one to schedule a flight ticket on his or her behalf. So, in the following discussion, you will come to know whether you are allowed to do so; if yes, then what are the methods or how you can do so? So, take a careful observation of the discussion which is below:

Is it possible to schedule a flight for someone else on United Airlines?

Yes, you are permitted to make a flight booking for someone else, but you need to keep in mind one fact: you must have the authorization of the person for whom you are scheduling a flight. 

How do you schedule a flight on United Airlines for someone else?

You can explore different methods through which you can schedule a flight ticket on the airline, and to unlock them, you are recommended to take a careful look at the ways discussed below; please have a look:

Reserve via making a call:

The most adopted method to place a flight booking for someone else on United Airlines is to make a phone call to their phone number: 1 (800) 864-8331. There, you will be assigned an agent who will take all your basic details such as name, age, date of travel, etc., and on behalf of you, the agent will confirm your bookings. However, to get a real person over a call, you need to select the IVR carefully. 

Schedule a flight on the website: 

There is another way through which you can buy United Airline ticket for someone else, which is via the official website. There are some complex steps that are explained feasibility in the below points;

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines to begin the mode. 
  • Type your destination, date, and number of passengers and search the flight. 
  • Once done, you will find the list and choose one flight as per your budget. 
  • Choose your preferred seat and fill out the form (make sure you are providing appropriate details of the other person traveling). 
  • Make the payment to confirm your booking method on the airline. 

Approach the help desk at the airport. 

You can also approach the airport and the agent sitting at the airport to schedule a flight on United Airlines for someone else. It is advised to take all the ID cards or proofs and have to present them to the executive so they can confirm your bookings. 

Know the best time to contact United Airlines:

If you want to reserve a flight over a call for someone else on United Airlines, it is recommended to approach the team between 9 AM and 11 AM. This time, the phone line goes free. 

Can you redeem miles for someone else on United Airlines?

You are also authorized to use these points or miles to schedule or make upgrades to the flight for someone else. But whatever the difference in fare occurs, you need to incur the same.  

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