• 04 May, 2024
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Are pets allowed on Qatar Airways?

When you have a pet as a family member to look after, leaving them behind for the journey you have planned is not even an option. However, before you book the flight tickets, it is mandatory to be well informed about the procedure for adding them to bookings and the policy Qatar Airways shares. Once you have all the details about how a pet can be carried to the flight, things will be quick and comfortable, and you will be able to avoid all the hurdles that could come your way. Let us go through and discuss everything that is related to carrying a pet on the flight. 

What is the pet policy of Qatar Airways?

Before you start traveling with Qatar Airways, there is a list of instructions, terms, and conditions that the airline has added to the Qatar Airways Pet Policy, and it is necessary for you to follow them carefully without any inconvenience. We have mentioned all these points below so you can easily go through them and follow them accordingly:

  • If you are traveling with a pet, make sure you inform the airline at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight. 
  • Qatar Airways will go through all the verification of the documents and then confirm the reservation, as only then will you be able to travel with your pet. 
  • You need to have all the required documents that will be mandatory to submit to bring a pet on the journey. 
  • The service dogs, on certain routes, will be allowed to travel in a cabin along with a person having any physical disabilities. 
  • On all routes, no charges will be applied to bring a service dog. However, it will travel within the aircraft hold with the checked baggage. 
  • Before bringing the service dog to the flight, you need to contact the airline, as not all the destinations allow service dogs in the cabin.
  • Once Falcon will be allowed within the Economy class of the aircraft. 
  • A maximum of six falcons can be carried on the flight in the Economy class, however, different countries have different rules, so it will also depend on that. 

Container: The airline has given some instructions for the carriage you bring your pet into. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully. The airline can refuse entry if they find the carriage is too small or not comfortable for the pet. They wil look after the safety of the pet and make sure they do not face any troubles during the journey. The details of the carriage you should follow are listed below: 

  • The carriage should be cleaned and comfortable to ensure a healthy journey for the pet.
  • The size of the carriage should be sufficient for the pet placed in it.
  • Make sure it has proper ventilation and other services.
  • It should have a soft floor so that if the pet falls, it will not get hurt. 
  • Certain breeds and animals are not allowed to fly with Qatar. 
  • If the transfer time is 3 hours, then the staff will look after the pet. 

How can I bring my pet to Qatar?

You can bring a pet to Qatar Airways, but you must follow certain rules and regulations. If you ignore these guidelines, you might face trouble with your reservation or while boarding the flight. Having all the mandatory documents is necessary, which includes the passport, ticket, and most importantly, the health certificate. The medical paper should clearly indicate that the pet it perfectly fine and healthy to travel on a flight. You can add pets online or by visiting the helpdesk at the airport. Also know which airlines allow pets in the cabin.

Are pet dogs allowed in Qatar?

Yes, a pet dog can be brought to the flight. There are different instructions have been given for domestic and service dogs. You need to be enlightened about them as only then will you be able to carry a dog by avoiding all the problems and issues. Go through all the given rules and regulations mentioned below:

  • Your bags will be carried as checked baggage during the flight. 
  • You cannot bring the pet on the flight, as it will be transported with your checked luggage. 
  • When you are booked on a specific route, only the service digs will be allowed to travel in the cabin. 
  • No special documentation may not be required for the servie dogs as they are well-trained and healthy.