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5 Main Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is indeed a staggering hub for both commerce and beauty. The deeper you look, the more you'll be vowed by its extravagant beauty. There are numerous museums depicting the historical agenda behind Amsterdam's global impact as well as various canals for you to go sightseeing. One can always go to Amsterdam to experience the rich culture and diplomatic history behind all of its monuments. In Amsterdam, they love a good party; you'll find multiple live music artists enhancing the beautiful streets, and the aroma of its rich culture is indeed commendable.

Well, apart from these, What more is to discover Amsterdam? You're not to be blamed for being stuck with the touristy crowds. Instead, it is recommended to explore the city with eyes such as a local's. To list down the best of all things about Amsterdam, you might need a never-ending scroll. However, there are a bunch of things that might lure you into planning your next trip straight to Amsterdam:

Buy a Canal Cruise Ticket 

Catch the free ferry to Amsterdam Noord’s renovated shipyard, or buy yourself a beautiful ride to the canals of Amsterdam. Both give you an intimate experience of Amsterdam's inner beauty. The ferry takes you to multiple attractions, such as the multi-diverse NDSM wharf. This cultural hotspot is home to some amazing music, light festivals, and various fests for locals and tourists throughout the year. The canal cruise trips are even more fun to uncover the lavishing truths about this beautiful place while cruising around Amsterdam’s UNESCO-protected canal belt. Among the various kinds, you can pick a cruise that serves your travel taste buds with sheer satisfaction. You'll find multiple hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour cruises on the spot at the banks. Apart from them, there are atmospheric candlelit nighttime cruises if you wish to make a romantic dinner reservation. These cruises provide you with a lifetime experience once you board, sailing your way to the gezling lights.

Amsterdam in Winters

Ever heard of Snow White? Amsterdam looks no different from the adorable Disney princess during the winter days. Snow covers the beautiful canals and the river underneath. The winters in Amsterdam begin with the Annual Sinterklaas parade and dwell in the magical lights till there's finally romance reflecting in the lake water. The climax must be romantic indeed. When the city is finally less crowded with its locals enjoying the warmth of festivals, you will find shorter queues to visit the flawless historical museums. Hence, it is the best time to explore the Rembrandt House Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum. Watch the Dutch Royalty hanging on the museum's wall and learn all about the from an art historian. Also, don't forget the oliebollens; they say it's the cherry on top during the Christmas holidays in Amsterdam. 

Peddle your way in Amsterdam

With only 19% of their population traveling by car, nowadays, cycling is indeed a first choice when in Amsterdam to go to all these touristy places without the trouble of getting caught up in the city traffic. They have over 800000 bicycles; that's obviously more than Amsterdam's population count!  Peddle your way from Sloterplas for an amusing morning lake view, then have the famous brodge haring for breakfast from one of those busy haringhandels. Sure sounds like a plan! No wonder Amsterdam is the second most bike-friendly city, right after Copenhagen. 

A windmill or brewery? 

Debating where to go first when planning your trip to Amsterdam? The answer is to visit them both together. Brouwerij 't IJ (the IJ Brewery) is one of the most pleasant attractions away from Amsterdam's extra-engaging crowds. It is a former Funen bathhouse next to the De Gooyer Windmill. At Brouwerij 't IJ, they brew world-class local and special occasion beers. They organize various tasting events as well for their organically brewed certified beer. As is common in most Dutch cities, this brewery was also opened by Kaspar Peterson, a former Dutch musician, in October 1985. 

Break into Anne Frank's House

Just kidding! However, you can actually visit Anne Frank's House when in Amsterdam. This famous Jewish wartime diarist is well-known for all the work she did in her short life span but her house was turned into an authentic and subdued museum because of the story behind it. The visitors are often fond of the pictures in Anne's room and diaries. Barely 16-year-old German diarist Anne Frank died as a victim among 17,000 other prisoners. After her death, her house was turned into this biographical museum depicting her work and writings, which is a non-profit organization as well.  

You can never be able to pick just one best thing about Amsterdam. Enriched with culture and good hearts, Amsterdam is submersed with the smell of tulips. This heavenly place intrigues all your senses, and you can smell scented flowers, see amusing heritage sites and cordial views, feel the cold sparkling water, hear the countryside rush, and taste some Dutch Royalty on your next trip to well you know where.