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Referred to as the “Biggest Little City in the World’s, Reno is a highly popular tourist place located in the northwest area of Nevada state. This is the second largest tourist spot of Nevada. Some of the most entertaining activities visitors will find here are fantastic cuisines, family entertainment, outdoor activities, museums, festivals and much more.

Best time to visit
The visitors who long to go to Reno should wait for April to May month and the months from October to November when the seasons is much appropriate to wander in this city. Spring, as well as Fall season, are much better as compared to other seasons in taking a tour of this city. During this season, the weather will be pleasant and the city less crowded.

Top Attractions
National Automobile Museum
If you have a passion for cars, then this museum is just for you. National Automobile Museum is such a worth seeing place for car lovers. The museum boasts of a great collection of automobiles of the late nineteenth century and 20th century. With an immaculate collection of cars, this museum is always on the bucket list of the visitors.

Lake Tahoe
Located 40 miles south of the city, this one is truly a beautiful place to visit in the country. It boasts of clear waters and soaring mountains which attracts the visitors to this place. Well known as the Skiing destination, Lake Tahoe is the most prominent getaway for the tourists owing to its best fishing opportunities, boating and the due the beautiful beaches.

Riverwalk area, located between the Lake Street and Arlington Avenue, is an enticing place for the visitors. It attracts gourmands and art lovers with its great collection of restaurants and galleries. Most galleries are on the southern end which the residents prefer to visit.

Shopping in Reno
Cabella’s is referred to as a paradise for campers, fishermen, and hunters. Situated on Hwy, this huge store has a great collection of camping gear, guns and gun paraphernalia etc.

The Isle Teashop
This tea shop is just the perfect platform for picking up a special gift for someone. This refurbished house has music, books, apparel and holiday items from Scotland and Ireland. The teashop here serves the best tea here to the tea lovers. You can also find the scnones Jam, lemon curd etc. as well as a bottomless teapot.

Meadowood Mall
Meadowood Mall is another place for the shopping lovers. This mall houses a variety of anchor stores such as Penney’s, Sears and Macy’s. It is a large mall with a great food court where one can dine with his family as well as friends. In addition, the parking space here is large which is feasible for the vehicle owners to park their vehicles.

Junkee Vintage
The tourists who come at the Junkee Vintage will be really delighted when they enter it. They will be really surprised to find the greatest selection of furniture and antiques as per their requirements. What’s more! You can also go for jewelry, furniture, and knick-knacks once you are here.

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