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New Orleans
New Orleans is a well-known city for Cajun Cuisine, Mardi Gras Celebrations, Jazz music and so on. This city is a perfect reflection of diverse cultures which might be seen right from the food and music to the architecture and language. It is a great walking city with a series of attractions to lure the tourists. The city is best known for its excellent nightlife and vibrant live music.

Best Time to Visit New Orleans
Spring season is considered to be the best time to visit New Orleans. During this season, you can experience mild weather which makes the visitors enjoy a number of ongoing special events in the city. In addition, you can also enjoy Mardi Gras season which is held from January month through March month.

Top Attractions
Frenchmen Street
Frenchmen Street is just a widely acclaimed place for locals and provides a great opportunity to the visitors to enjoy live music, restaurants, night clubs, art galleries and bars etc. At this spot, not only you will find less crowd, but you will also be able to get affordable eateries and drinks along with the best music.

French Quarter
Without visiting French Quarter your New Orleans tour would not be complete. This can be said as the heart as well as the soul of the city and is widely popular across the world. The scene here is fantastic as you will see the best architecture such as artwork along with the hanging plants and the leafy courtyards are equipped with the bubbling fountains.

Garden District
If you are willing to peek at the most beautiful and wonderful homes of the city, then you can go for a Garden District tour. This historic place, as the name suggests, is full of ivy, trees, and gardens. This can be the best place for the visitors to wander the streets as well as appreciate the city’s architecture.

National World War II Museum
The National World War II Museum is the best way to know about all the aspects related to the World War II. This museum offers a great collection of artifacts as well as educational films which let the visitors know about all the information of the World War II. In addition, the museum also has the oral recantations of soldiers and civilians which they experienced throughout the 1940s.

Shopping in New Orleans
French Market
Shopping is fun in the French Market, which is one of the most famous shopping centers in French Market. Being an open air shopping complex, it is the best place to find nearly all the best things from the largest brands in the world. Whether you are willing to buy a t-shirt, hat or another thing, you can find all these items here easily. It also holds a historical importance as the market is on the same land for the last 200 years.

Oakwood Center
The Oakwood Center is a perfect place to shop for the visitors who come here. Located in Gretna, this shopping destination has fewer crowds in comparison to other shopping areas which lets the users shop in an easy way. Here you will find a large number of department stores such as JCPenny, New York and Dillard’s. If you are a woman, then you can find big stores here such as New York & Company and Forever 21.

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