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Kingston is a widely acclaimed as a premier destination across the world. Best known for its waterfront, pleasure boating and fresh-water sailing, this place is flocked by a large number of tourists all around the world. You will have access to the Rideau Canal, Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River or Lake Ontario etc which are worth visiting places here.

Best Time to Visit
Visiting Kingston in the best time is always good. This area has cooler summers as well as chiller wingers. Winters can be really harsh here so the visitors are supposed to avoid this time. However, they can visit Kingston in summers i.e. from the months of June through August, which is undeniably the best time to visit this destination.

Top Attractions
The Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains is the excellent place to visit in Kingston. The Blue Mountain Peak is 7402 feet high and offers astonishing views of Jamaica’s northern as well as southern coasts. Visitors to this peak can possibly catch a glimpse of Cuba which is 130 miles away from this place. This place is ideal for botanists, hikers, coffee lovers and bird watchers etc.

Devon House
Devon House is actually an important monument which represents the cultural diversity of the island. Every year, a large number of visitors come to this place to see its 11-acre lawns and get to know about the history of Jamaica. This is a great place for the ones who like to have ice cream. You can get as many as 27 natural ice cream flavors here such as coconut coffee, Devon stout, sour soup etc.

Port Royal
Port Royal, which is centered at Kingston’s Harbor is established in the year 1518 and is famous as a shipping center for Caribbean area. Previously the area was known to be the richest as well as the wickedest city in the world. Now the area has transformed dramatically and you will find a number of archaeological findings here.

Shopping in Kingston
Ancient Market
Kingston market is referred to as the “Ancient Market” which has recently been provided a noteworthy facelift with all the stalls getting awnings. You can also find a variety of food here such as fruit, meat, and vegetables. All in all, this is a great place to roam about.

Bentall Centre
The Bentall Centre is a highly appreciated shopping center and attracts innumerable tourists from all over the world. It houses a unique single escalator which takes the visitors direct from ground floor to the second floor. The visitors will find a number of shopping options here once they are at Bentall Centre.

Kingston Monday Market
The visitors who visit Kingston should go to Kingston Monday market which is providing fruits and vegetables to the customers. In addition, you will also get non-food items here. Spread across the large area, this market is a perfect destination for the ones on Mondays. The visitors are required to visit this market in the morning to buy their desired items comfortably.

Stanley Picker Gallery
If you are willing to see art at its best, move to Stanley Picker Gallery and you won’t regret your visit. This gallery showcases the artwork of the students and a few other special collections. It can be the perfect spot for the visitors who come to Kingston.

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