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Kahului is the best hub for commerce as well as travel for the individuals across the world. Located on the north shore of Hawaii, it offers best shopping opportunities to the ones who are really interested in shopping. Visitors who have an interest in learning about the sugar industry of Maui can see the exhibits, artifacts, and photos in the sugar museum called Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum.

Best Time to Visit Kahului
The travelers who need to know the best time of the year to visit Kahului will be pleased to know that any time of the year is an ideal time to visit this place. However, the best months to go to this place are the late March through May and August to early October.

Top Attractions
Maui Swap Meet
If you are interested in enjoying your best time for a couple of hours, then the Maui Swap Meet is just for you. You can visit this market on Saturdays from 7 am to 1 pm and spend your time here. Here you will find numerous stall, clothes, crafts, food, jewelry, souvenirs and so on. The prices here are lower as compared to the shops.

Maui Arts and Cultural Center
This cultural center is considered as the best platform for watching the best musical, dance and cultural programs which will spellbind you in one go. Here you will also see a number of local and international art exhibits, special events as well as movie screenings.

Maui Nui Botanical Gardens
If you are willing to watch out for an extraordinary collection of Polynesian and native plants, then this is the best thing for the tourists. This botanical garden, spanning at 7 acres of land, provides awareness to the public about the importance of plant life preservation practices. Those who are conservationists or plant lovers will love to see this place as they will have an opportunity to know about the rich flora as well as the native culture of Hawaii.

Shopping in Kahului
Queen Ka’ahumanu Center
Queen Ka’ahumanu Center is one of the revered shopping centers and is considered ideal for shopping lovers. It has a lot of place to allure the shoppers. They will love to dine at the best restaurants here and also shop in the best stores available here. You will also find a lot of art galleries where you can witness a number of art items.

The Walking Company
This place is just the best for the shoe lovers. Here at this retail chain, you will find a large number of stylish shoes for you. Not only for men, but women and kids can also explore a wide range of shoes here. So, this can be an ideal place for shoe lovers.

Maui Speciality Chocolates
This is without any doubt, is the best destination for the chocolate lovers. The visitors will really rate his place highly as you will find a wide gamut of chocolates here. You can pick any of your preferred chocolates and make your day worth visiting.

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