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Have you ever visited Chicago before? If not, then it’s the best time to go to this exotic getaway! The visitors will find the best beaches as well as world recognized museums here which will satiate all your travel related cravings. This place is really worth visiting for the travel lovers owing to its innumerable tourist's spots.

Best Time to Visit Chicago
Travel lovers who are confused about choosing the most appropriate time to visit Chicago might pick the months of April to May and the time between September month through October month to get to this place. During this time, the temperature is warm and you will witness manageable crowds at Chicago. What’s more? Well, you can easily enjoy a number of festivals which take place during this season. The tourists can also pick the months of November through March as you might find a lot of airfare deals in these months.

Top Attractions
Millenium Park
Centered in downtown Chicago, Millenium Park, which is a 24.5-acre park, is actually the best platform for world-class music, art, landscape design, music and so on. You can easily experience the breathtaking architecture as well as the best collection of fine public art, film screenings, outdoor concerts as well as art installations. Cloud Gate, which is a steel structure is considered as the signature landmark of Chicago is highly appreciated by the tourists who come to visit Chicago.

Art Institute of Chicago
It would take a long time for you to learn about this encyclopedic institution which has as many as 300,000 artifacts and artworks across the world. Some of the highly acclaimed artwork pieces are fragments of local buildings, Thorne Miniature Rooms, Japanese Prints and so on. You can also know about the design and architecture collection, contemporary art and modern art pieces in the Modern Wing of Renzo Piano.

Wrigley Field
Established in the year 1914, this stadium is much appreciated by the tourists. Seasonal tours will provide you an inside view of Friendly Confines and in the winters, you can skate on the ice rink which is outside the field. You can watch out for the special events after referring to the website. In the olden times, there were many games which let the people prance such as football matches, ice-hockey games and much more.

Shopping in Chicago
Merchandise Mart
Erected in the year 1931, the Merchandise Mart is one of the greatest commercial buildings with a large number of showrooms in it. What differentiates this building from other structures is its gold chandeliers, marble usage, Art Deco style etc. Here group tours, as well as private tours, are held during the week and by the appointment.

Woodfield Mall
You can find any cloth in this great Mall, which is considered to be one of the massive malls in the United States. Here you will find just everything from Coach to Claire’s Boutique and also the kiosks which allow the customers for sampling the new items. You can enjoy a dozen restaurants as well as other entertainment options such as a comedy club, Improv, Yu Kids Island, 5-D movie theater and much more. The ones who are willing to combine exercise with their shopping exercise can get free classes from the fitness leaders here and also get the best fitness tips on Thursdays, Fridays as well as Sundays.

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