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  • How can I refund my IndiGo flight?

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How can I refund my IndiGo flight?

We never know when we need to cancel the already made reservations, so what smart customers do is ensure the refund policy of the ticket before going ahead towards completing the bookings. This article throws some light on various aspects of refunds like the steps to avail it, eligibility criteria for the same, etc. Also, after reading this article, you will be quite sure about your query of how can I refund my IndiGo flight easily.

Steps to avail refunds at IndiGo

Step 1: Enter the details of PNR First of all what you need to do is fill all the required details of PNR in the given spaces.

Step 2: Cancel the booking by selecting the option of ?Cancel Booking.? On successfully visiting your booking, you need to cancel the booking.

Step 3: Choose the preferred method of availing of the refund. There are a lot of methods in which one can avail of the refunds. The customer is free to choose a method of your choice in order to get back the refund in the least possible time.

Step 4: Review your details: You need to verify all your details, that you must have entered into the account at the time of booking, and then you can go ahead with your refund.

Eligibility criteria for refunds at IndiGo

  • All the cancellations processed within 24 hours of booking are eligible to be refunded completely in the original form.

  • Cancellations made after 24 hours of booking are applicable for a certain amount of refund depending upon the airlines.

Bottom Line: For further details regarding all the queries related to the cancellations and refund at IndiGo, you can contact the help desk via phone call, live chat, or email support.

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