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How can I cancel my Air India ticket?

27 Feb, 2021 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Get detailed information on how to cancel Air India flight bookings within 24 hours, cancellation policy and fees of Air India flight cancellation

If you have reservations in the Air India flight which is a major airline of India totally owned and governed by the Indian Government. Air India is one of the first airlines that offer reasonable flight fares that is within the budget of the airline. In case you have flight reservations in the Air India and want to cancel the bookings of the airline then take the help of the following tips.

Tips to cancel Air India flight ticket

If you are looking for the steps as to how to cancel Air India flight ticket, tap and follow the below-given steps.

  1. To cancel the bookings in Air India, the steps are as simple as the reservations. To cancel the bookings, first of all, go to the ‘manage my trips’ section on the website.
  2. Enter the booking number of the flight and then tap on the option of cancelling flights on the website and proceed ahead.
  3. Move ahead and tap on the cancellation button to confirm the action and then you will be done.
  4. You can even cancel the flight reservations by simply calling on the helpline number of the airline and requesting the crew member to cancel the bookings on the flight.
  5. Or you can simply go to the ticket office of Air India and then cancel the bookings of the flight.

Contacting the customer care team of Air India

Just in case you want more information related to the Air India flight reservations or how can I cancel my Air India ticket, you can contact the customer care team of the airline.

How much is the cancellation fee for Air India?

Every year thousands of passengers cancel their Air India booking. Due to this, they may need to pay the cancellation fee for booking the flight. Here, the cancellation fee is zero when you do it within 24 hours of booking for all the reservation classes. However, use the following additional details about the cancellation fee.

  • In reservation booking designator (RBD) of First, Business or Economy Class the cancellation fee is NIL for F&A, C, D&J and Y.
  • In reservation booking designator (RBD) of First, Business or Economy Class the cancellation fee is INR 2500 or Basic Fare (Whichever is lower) for Z, B&M, H, K, Q, V, W, G, L&U, T, S&E.

What Happens if I Cancel my Air India flight?

All the passengers think about the consequences after they cancel their booking. To know more about this, read the cancellation policy of this airline for more knowledge. This cancellation policy contains those rules which are made officially by the airlines.

Air India Cancellation Policy

The vital points of the cancellation policy are given below:

  • Any cancellation completed before 7 days of departure and within 24 hours of booking, gives you the right to get a full refund.
  • To erase the possibility of the inconvenience to the passenger, Air India allows you to gain a refund for it.
  • Those bookings which are made through the award points can also be cancelled by contacting 24*7 available call centres.
  • Cancellation due to COVID 19 of Air India flights all the passengers to rebook the flight under the travel waiver plan.
  • To cancel your booking, either choose the online platform or select contacting the customer service live person.
  • You can cancel your flights from booking till 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If you or your companion has any medical emergency, then the cancellation can be completed for free and a full refund is issued.

Can I cancel a Air India flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel your Air India flight within 24 hours of reservation. Here, you don’t need to pay any kind of cancellation fee. This rule was approved by the officials of this airline and can easily be accomplished through online mode. However, it is also possible to cancel your booking within 24 hours by using the customer service method. Now, let’s see the cancellation process which you can use here.

Cancellation Via Online Method

  1. Visit the Air India official website through a web browser.
  2. Here, click on the Manage Booking option to open it.
  3. Enter the required login details related to your booking.
  4. Choose the cancellation option and finish this process.
  5. Pay the cancellation fee and get the confirmation regarding the flight cancellation.

Cancellation Via Customer Service Method

  1. Launch the valid website of Air India by your browser.
  2. Select the Contact Us option on its page.
  3. On this page, get the phone number of the call centre.
  4. Use that number and talk to customer service for flight cancellation.
  5. Give any required information and request him to cancel your booking.

What Happens if You Cancel a Air India Non-refundable Flight?

Numerous passengers wonder what will happen when the Air India non-refundable flight is cancelled? If you are also thinking about this, go through the relevant rules that are given here. Here, you need to follow the vital points that are given here for the use of the non-refundable ticket holders.

Points related to Air India non-refundable flight

  • If a non-refundable flight is cancelled by the airline, then you will gain a refund for it. Here, the passenger will be able to get a refund only for the unused part of the booking.
  • Any cancellation within 24 hours of non-refundable booking, you will get a complete refund for your reservation.
  • On cancellation of your Air India flight which is non-refundable, you will not obtain any refund. This is done when you cancel the booking outside 24 hours of the reservations.
  • When any non-refundable booking is cancelled which is made by the travel agent, contact him for any further process.

How do I know if my Air India flight is Canceled?

If you have an upcoming trip with the airline and want to know where your flight is cancelled or not, you can check the flight status with the following steps-

  • Head to the official website of Air India first.
  • Click on the Flight Status options and enter the flight code.
  • Choose the departure date and see the status on the new page.

What happens if an Air India flight is Canceled?

If your Air India flight is cancelled without prior notice of 14 days, you can ask for a full refund from the airline. However, when the airline informs about the cancellation 14 days before the scheduled departure, the refund depends on the following circumstances-

  • If the airline cancels due to an understaffed issue, a pilot's absence, or a technical problem, they need to provide a refund.
  • If some government orders of a pandemic situation result in the cancellation, the airline is not entitled to provide a refund.

How much refund will I get if I cancel my Air India ticket?

The amount of your refund depends on the time of flight cancellation and your ticket type. If you have booked a refundable ticket, you can get a full refund from the airline.

For non-refundable tickets, you need to contact the customer support of Air India. Moreover, if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking the flight, you get a full refund from the airline.

What are the cancellation charges for Air India?

The cancellation charges for Air India vary from $100-$500, depending on your booking type. If you have cancelled the flight in the 24-hour risk-free period, no cancellation charges are applied to you at the time of Cancelling the flight.

These are the important information you should know before cancelling the flight with Air India. You can also contact the Air India customer service to know the process and policies to cancel Air India flight. Moreover, the airline compensates for uninformed cancellations, so don't forget to ask for it at the airport. Hopefully, now you know how the cancellation at Air India works and can travel without losing any money.

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