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Why Is December the Best Month to Visit Phuket?

15 Sep, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Why Is December the Best Month to Visit Phuket?

Phuket is an outstanding destination in Thailand and is often considered one of the best places to chill and relax. This beach location is surrounded by natural wonders such as green plam trees, golden sands, sparkling blue-colored oceans, and various calming branches. December is the best month to visit Phuket, and it the highly recommended for people who want to see Phuket at its most beautiful, colorful, and wild, with the most pleasant weather around the location. Keep scrolling down to learn more about Phuket in December!

The weather in Phuket in December 

December is considered a month of the southwest monsoon end in Phuket, where the clear sky occupies the places with the bright sunshine with a cool breeze caresses the skin. As a tropical destination, Phuket has warm weather all around the year. Due to the pleasant weather in Phuket, December is considered one of the best months to travel to Phuket. 

  • The average temperature in December is around 28-degree celsius. In December, the average temperature in Phuket is 32-degree celsius, while the average low temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. 
  • Humidity in this month is the least ever, and December is Thailand's high time. In the starting seven days, you can experience the last rain of the time.
  •  The typical precipitation in December is around 60 mm, and the sun is sparkling for over 8 hours daily. As the sun shines and the ocean temperature in Phuket gets hotter day by day, you will have a fantastic chance to enjoy excellent water sports. 
  • Brilliant, however, friendlier daylight, restricted precipitation, and the alleviating breeze make it simpler to invest more energy around the sea and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Places to visit In Phuket in December 

Old Phuket Town

Another priority destination is the clamoring Old Town of Phuket. The city is renowned for obliging ancient structures. The best illustration of the city's architecture is in the old town of Phuket, and December Phuket is considered the cheapest time to go to Phuket, where you can see the metropolitan way of life and the good bits of old roads. Phuket Town, which takes you to the pioneer time with the appeal of ancient times, has numerous regions to explore. Dynamic, brilliant walls, beautiful little restaurants, clamoring bread kitchens, and tight roads make your excursion to the city beneficial. From temples to historical centers, numerous attractions are ready to be explored here. 

Karon View Point 

Phuket is a destination known for its most captivating beaches and the encompassing Andaman Ocean. This perspective of Phuket permits you to see everything initially. Karon viewpoints are heaven on earth for some, assisting you with seeing staggering views on three dazzling beaches: Katanoi, Karon Oceanside, and Katayai. This place, called Khao Saam Haad, is constantly packed with sightseers. A few little eateries serve reduced-down dinners around here.

Rawai Town

To encounter a more authentic side of Phuket, make a beeline for this little town on the east shoreline of the island for a brief look into the existence of Moken, a clan of the "Wanderer of the Ocean". They have been established in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and stay consistent with their convictions and customs. Some decide to live approach the water, while others favor a semi-roaming way of life ashore. Residents work essentially as anglers and now and then as journey guides.

Wat Phra That

Wat Phra That, which signifies "Brilliant Buddha," is an ancient sanctuary with an extraordinary legend behind it, a story that draws in individuals overwhelmingly. Not all that large or impressive. However, the principal thing everybody needs to see is the well-known half-covered brilliant Buddha sculpture. Alongside a few other superb designs and vivid building plans, the sanctuary characterizes the general air of peacefulness.

Lan Slope

Situated on the north side of Phuket, Lan Slope is a well-known beauty spot with dazzling perspectives on the whole island, encompassing spots, slopes, turquoise waters, and the Incomparable Buddha sculpture. The Good countries have a planned park with a kids' jungle gym, a few eateries and bars, a wellness region, and a charming porch. Individuals visit this survey region for shocking perspectives on the city after nightfall to see the stunning city lights.

Things to do, and the events of Phuket in December

  • Phuket Ruler's Cup Regatta: On December fifth, Ruler Pumibol's birthday, a yearly festival happens. The regatta endures approximately a week, drawing in some of the world's top mariners and one-of-a-kind and costly yachts. Guests battle for the valued prizes, and there are various gatherings during the week.
  • Patong Fair and Fish Celebration: Consistently in December, perhaps Phuket's most notable merriment happens for seven days. Blazing lights, lavish motorcades, conventional Thai dance exhibitions, and live contemporary music are appreciated by the two local people and sightseers. 

Thus, December is perhaps the best time to visit Phuket, and you can explore a ton of things, here will slow down, offering handmade items and a practically unlimited number of limitless along Patong Ocean's waterfront, city lights, and many other events. So, book your flights in December and have a pleasant excursion. 

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