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Planning to Trip to Thailand: Here's everything you need to know. 

10 Dec, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Planning to Trip to Thailand: Here's everything you need to know. 

With 16 Million foreigners flying into the country every year, Thailand is Asia's primary travel destination that offers a guide to places to visit. Travel Thailand is a country that avoids colonization and has been absorbing western influences while maintaining the perfect heritage. Thailand is a fantastic country destination in South East Asia, with its beautiful island paradise, white sand beaches, and the best cities in the world. The amazing people, weather season, and food add to the magic of what will be unique and be one of the best memorable experiences ever. 


Visitors from 59 countries can stay in Thailand for around 30 days with a visa on arrival. There is also a 60 days tourist Visa, with multiple entries available before the travel at a fee. This is amazing for an additional 30 days within your Thailand for a price. Visitors from various countries can stay for 15 days, and others can remain for around 90 days without a visa. The rules, regulations, and access to the arrival country rules and laws are subject to change, and it is always advisable to check the visa bookings before travel.

Tourist Seasons 

When the weather is colder, the best weather in Thailand runs from November to April in Thailand, with a meager time between June to October, covering the rainiest months. Some tourists prefer the quieter months when the prices for the stay and the flight can be slightly lower, and the rainy spells only interpret the sunny days. 

Best weather and the Season 

The weather in Thailand is hot and humid, and the monsoon starts in May in Phuket and September in Samui. The dry Season of the year jumps from November to February in Phuket, starting in December in Samui. The hot Season begins in March, with April and May being the hottest months. 

When you should visit Thailand, 

Thailand has two seasons, that is, wet and dry. The Thailand high season can be seen from November to February. This is when it is the driest time, but it can also be when you visit the most crowded; Southern Thailand is hot all year long, but it has a very wet and rainy season, and the western coast of Southern Thailand is wet between April and October this is when you can see the best time to go to Thailand. The East Coast is drenched in the months from September to December, then June to October is the rainy season, and the temperatures soar with the high humidity. North Thailand's dry season stretches from November to May. The less hot temperatures between October and January can be cool in the North, especially in the evening and the early morning. 

Things to see and do in Thailand 

Southwest Asia’s well-known destination, Thailand, continues to excite travelers with its shimmery temples, tropical beaches, and mouth-watering food. Add blockbuster natural scenery, vibrant villages, and cosmopolitan capital and the bucket of the culture. It is straightforward to see how this can attract people and turn many first-time visitors to repeat visitors. From having the best experience to having safe and sustainable wildlife encounters, here are the top things you can do on your trip to Thailand. Let’s get into this. 

Tour the best of Bangkok

Between golden temples, crowdy markets, and the famous culinary scene, there are plenty of things about Bangkok. At the same time, you could tailor the trip to touring the city’s beautiful rooftop bars and fascinating museums, hidden canals, and the underground arts scene. From beautiful street art to the best meal you will ever have, there is an excellent view around every corner of this fantastic city. 

Explore the ancient cities 

It is a fantastic day drip the ruins of Ayuthaya, the capital of the kingdom of Siam, that offers a glimpse into a great past. The exciting volcano in the national center north, and the 13-century ruins of Sukhothai, thailand’s most striking and impressive Khmer historical sites, are another must-see option for you. 

Go for diving, snorkeling, and island hopping.

With more than 1400 options of the Thai island you can choose from, where is the traveler to stay? It is home to the fantastic holiday idlys of Ko Lanta and Phi Phi Island, to more off-the-beaten-track tropical excursions such as the scuba Paradise of Similan island. The Andaman cost is an excellent place to start. 

Join the backpacker scene in the Pai 

If you are searching for Thailand’s backpacker scenes in your trip to Thailand these days, many visitors may tell you it lies at the end of the ultra scenic, winding bus ride that starts from the Chicago Mai into the lush mountains. Set in picturesque valleys and surrounded by the waterfalls, Pai draws backpackers and is much for its nature adventures.

Eat out or go to the cooking school in Chaing Mai. 

The cultural city of the north, Chiang Mai, has many temples. It is kind of packed with temples, and enjoy the fantastic dinner scenes where you can sample northern Thai specialties like the unique curry dishes known as the kow soy or learn how to make them yourself at the local cooking school. 

Go to the ethnically diverse hills of the Chaing Rai. 

It shares the border with Myanmar to the west and Laos to the east. Chaing Rai is one of Thailand’s most ethnically diverse Provinces. The Nations’s northernmost corner is also beautiful. Admire the Chinags Rai’s dramatic mountains, visit the hills tribe villages, and stay in the atmospheric villages, some of which hug the mighty Mekong River. 

Hike the trail and relax on the lake in Khao National Park

Suppose you have enough time to visit one of Thailand’s amazing national parks, make it Khao Sok. This amazing rainforest hugging the beautiful midsection of southern Thailand is located with sweaty hiking trails that reward you with fantastic views of the limestone formations and the emerald waters of Chiew Lan Lake.

These are the top amazing things to do and see on the island, and you can always consider these beautiful things and places while planning a trip to Thailand. However, if you need to know about Thailand, you can write us in the comment section below, and we would love to assist you. 

The Tip: You should avoid Pattaya Beach. It is Overrun and just downright depressing. 

Bridge on the River Kwai: Made on the famous movie, it was a strategic location during WWII. There is a war memorial for soldiers kept on the POWS in unbearable countries.

The food you need to explore when you visit Thailand's 

Thai cuisine favors rice, nam pla, noodles, vegetables, and fruits, which are seafood or meat. Pad thai is considered the national dish in Thailand. The soups and the curries with the various combinations are also unique cuisines of Thailand. When out and about, try some sticky mango rice or the banana roti, except for the Pay 90-150 per meal when dining in a restaurant.

The cost of visiting Thailand 

Thailand is considered a very affordable country to visit. However, it is not as cheaper as its southwest Asian locals, like Cambodia and Laos. Thailand is still a very fantastic travel destination. Travelers can easily be an incredible time exploring Thailand on a budget. Travelers can easily have a great time exploring Thailand on a Backpacker budget. The travelers must spend the cost to visit the Thailand average, $481. That's the average amount you should have when you plan your trip into a budget, which might be less than this or more than that, depending on your destinations. 

Where to stay in Thailand 

Hansar Hotel Bangkok: this five years hotel in the Pathum Wan city of Bangkok is the palace to be. You can enjoy the Private suites with glass showers, the infinity pool and huge hot tub, a hotel and the restaurants and bar with live music, a fitness center, and complimentary breakfast and room services. The shopping center and Lumpini Park are nearby.

Royal Phuket City Hotel: 

Just a short trip to the Tiger kingdom animal Park and the Wat Chalong temple, and from there, you can walk to the Trickeye Museum, this four-star hotel is a place to stay in Phuket, a karaoke lounge, and a hotel's three different restaurants, and a karaoke bar is a place to stay in Phuket. You can enjoy your private room hotel, with fantastic sea views and a day for Spa. The hotel has three restaurants, a karaoke bar, a lounge and rooftop pool, and more. 

Using the above details will resolve your query, and that's all you need to know about Thailand if you travel there. Moreover, if you need to know the best month to visit Thailand, you can reach us or write your query in the chatbox. The expert will assist you by providing hassle-free and quick assistance. 

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