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Is Zanskar Valley worth visiting in winter?

08 Nov, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is Zanskar Valley worth visiting in winter?

Zanskar Valley is situated in the Union Territory of Ladakh district, a good way off 463 km from Leh. The unique valley includes a scenic place that is surrounded by Zanskar ranges giving it a dazzling view. The Zanskar Valley is, quite possibly, the remotest place in the entire nation, yet it has been one of the most lovely ones too. The renowned attractions in Zanskar give a visit for their regular magnificence and because it offers different experience exercises famous among sightseers. One can discover a few fabulous places to visit in and around Zanskar. Plan your outing to explore the unblemished excellence of nature in the wonderful Zanskar valley of India. Enjoy your visit to the Indian Himalayas! What's more, ensure you investigate this great Indian heaven.

However, If you arrange an excursion to Zanskar Valley in winter, our travel guide will assist you with arranging an essential and memorable outing to Zanskar. The Zanskar valley is a place worth visiting in winter. Continue reading further to know what Zanskar valley looks like in winter, the weather, the best time to visit Zanskar Valley, and what things do. 

Winters In Zanskar 

There are just two seasons in Zanskar, winter and summer. Inferable from its high elevation, Zanskar experiences wonderful winters. The colder time of the year goes on for over half a year, beginning in October and happening till May. Temperatures plunge well beneath - 15°C severe cold. The valley froze, and the whole place became ideal for adventurers. The popular Chadar and Padum journeys are attempted in the cold weather for a long time as they track across frozen valley beds. They are considered a part of the best winter traveling trails in the nation and welcome experience devotees from everywhere.

If you are looking for such a beautiful experience, winter is the best time to travel to Zanskar Valley!

Things to done in Zanskar Valley 

If you are looking for the best time to visit Zanskar Valley, here are a few thihgs that you can do if you stay there in winter. Since winter will provide you with the best view to exploring there, you can also go trekking. 

Chadar Trek 

The Chadar Trek is a stand-out and challenging journey. Depending upon the weather, the multiple-day chadar trek across the ice Zanskar valley in Ladakh starts from late January to late February or maybe in March. The Thick cover of ice shaped by the Zanskar valley looks like a white cover known as Chadar in the local language. With a rise of 11,150 feet, the Chadar Journey feels like an excursion toward the North Pole. 

Suru Valley

Suru Valley is one of the famous places in Zanskar because of its outstanding excellence. You might explore by walking while additionally getting a charge out of photography. Excursion locales like Parkachik, Damsna, and Thulus are more accessible for a day out. You can go to Sankoo, which is known as perhaps Ladakh's greenest field.

Shafat Glacier

It's a 14-kilometer-long glacier in Suru Valley that leads to the Religious woman and Kun pinnacles and fills in as an establishment for climbing these two pinnacles. The water from this ice sheet valley into a "Shafat Nala" stream adds to the Suru river flow. Due to an unnatural weather change, a broke, ice-falling glacier is dissolving at a disturbing pace, but a beautiful place to visit. 

Parkachik Glacier

Parkachik Glacier is one of the wonderful places to visit in Zanskar. That allows you to observe a staggering mass of ice sliding gradually down the slants of Religious recluse and Kun tops, found relatively close to Parkachik. A suspended footbridge across the Suru waterway paves the way to the glacial mass. Tremendous ice sections sporadically strip off Sister Kun's 300-foot front wall and fall into the Suru valley.

Drang Drung Glacier

This 23-kilometer-long glacial mass is the biggest vacationer available ice sheet in Ladakh. Drang Drung may likewise be seen from Pensi La, a streaming waterway of ice encompassed by the picturesque Himalayan mountains. The view is genuinely lovely. The wellspring of the Doda and Stod waterways is perhaps India's prominent glacial mass. The Drang Drung Ice sheet strolling trail is overflowing with regular ponders, for example, lovely glacier-stunning mountain ranges and even segments of natural product plantations. 

Travelers tips for visiting Zanskar Valley

Indeed, the magnificence has specific agreements joined to it once you choose to go there. Above all else, to go to Zanskar valley acclimatization is critical. To capitalize on the outing, one must become familiar with the chilly winds. In this way, here are a couple of tips to get adjusted:

  • Keep the body hydrated.
  • Try not to rest at high heights.
  • Try not to overexert yourself
  • Smoking tobacco or drinking liquor or some other depressant drugs is exhorted not.
  • Eat a lot of sugar and keep the body warm.
  • Try not to rest during the day.
  • Rest in an upright positio

That is all about the Zanskar valley and the good time to visit Zanskar Valley. However, if you require any further help regarding your excursion, you need to reach us, comment your queries in the chat box, and our traveler planner will assist you with this. 

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