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Is October good time to visit Srinagar?

25 Nov, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is October good time to visit Srinagar?

Alexander Smith, the famous writer, correctly said, "In the whole circle of the year, there are no days as great as those of a fine October." Peaceful morning and delicate breeze bright evenings, everything about October are satisfying. One destination that especially wakes up during this month is Srinagar. Refer to as the most heartfelt place in North India, Srinagar consistently draws in a number of Pilgrims. With the restricted precipitation and the beginning of winter, the entire valley blooms up during this season. 

Srinagar is a Well known place in Kasmir for the travel industry, and an explorer visit here in considerable numbers to encounter the pure scenes and virgin magnificence of nature. Iconic Dal lake, rambling nurseries studded with beds of vivid blossoms, flawless waterfronts, amazing Shikara rides, and traditional dishes of Kashmir are a portion of the key elements that makes Srinagar a beautiful place for travelers across the globe. Hence, planning to visit Srinagar in October is a genuine impression of the way of life and a good time to visit Srinagar. Srinagar should be on the highest point of your list of things to get. 

Best time to visit Srinagar

If you arrange an outing to Srinagar, the best time would be in the long periods of April to October, as the whole Srinagar valley is soaked in the magnificence of brilliant blooms. Notwithstanding, Srinagar is a throughout the entire year location as the weather conditions stay lovely during summers, and winter brings along snowfall, adding additional appeal to its incredible scenery.

Srinagar in Winter: From October to February

Srinagar experiences frosty weather throughout the colder time of the year. The temperature drifts around 0°C to 15°C and might get lower to - 4°C. Nonetheless, for snow lovers, that's considered the best time to visit Srinagar and places like Pulwama, Dachigam Natural life Safe-haven, Harwan Nurseries, Badgam, Charar-I-Sharif, Indira Gandhi Tulip garden, Shalimar garden, Pari Mahal. In any case, recollect that streets could be hindered because of weighty snowfall, and the weather conditions can be unusual, so look at the weather conditions before making plans to head out to Srinagar during winter.

Why Visit Srinagar in Winter?

Two significant festivals, Shivratri and Nuroz, are recommended in Srinagar in winter. So if you want to know this place's rich culture, plan your Srinagar trip between October and February. Shankaracharya temple is additionally perfectly beautified, which you should see.


  • Numerous inappropriate things happen in and around Srinagar. But this should not prevent you from visiting the city. You can make game plans for well-being and security in advance.
  • Carry heavy coats alongside suppressors, warm socks, warm wear, covers, gloves, and so on to keep yourself warm and comfortable.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking warm water.

Most Ideal getaway destinations in Srinagar in October

The following are a couple of places that one can visit during their trip in October: 

Dal Lake

Mainly referred to as the gem of Srinagar. Dal Lake is the pride of the occupants of this city. The clear water spreads wonderfully across the tremendous region, which mirrors the cloudy pinnacles of the Pir Panjal Mountains. Sail on the lake by leasing a shikhara (a light boat). The adrenaline junkies would be glad to know Dal Lake is the center of activities. , for example, water skiing and sightseeing balloon riding. Trip to the Adi Shankaracharya hill from where you can see the wonder of -a striking view of the overall lake. Beating the list of the ideal place in Srinagar, Dal Lake is the best sign of the tranquil excellence this place offers.

Chashma Shahi and Pari Mahal

Rambling over 1.7 sections of land on the banks of Dal Lake is the renowned bloom bed named Chashma Shahi Garden, with a less popular truth of being named after a mountain spring. It is the littlest yet most brilliant terraced yard in Srinagar. To see the 10,000-foot view of the lively blossoms and cut water highlights known to have therapeutic ideas, the visitors are instructed to ascend the porch concerning the grass. Under 2 km from Chashma Shahi is a seven-terraced garden named 'Pari Mahal, 'The adobe of fairies. Inside the park is a Buddhist religious community, which has been redesigned as a school of astrology. 

Hazratbal Holy place

Lodging the Moi-e-Muqqadus (preserved sacred hair) of Prophet Mohammad, Hazratbal is worshipped in the city of Srinagar. As the name recommends, 'Hazrat' means holy and 'Bal' is a significant place. This is the most sacred Muslim shrine in the hypnotizing Kashmir valley. This embodiment of regard for the Prophet is likewise a sight offering a stunning view of Srinagar. During October, it is considered best time to visit Srinagar, the place of worship, which includes a scene of spouting Dal Lake and the Himalayan mountain ranges. The mix of Kashmiri and Mughal design of the mosque merits investigating while you're here.

Hari Parbat

Tracing back to the sixth 100 years, Hari Parbat is a profoundly critical fortification of Srinagar, which the Mughal emperor Akbar first built. From a sanctuary to the mosque and Sikh sacred sanctum, this stronghold has everything ending up the embodiment for profound searchers. On the west of the post is the Sharika Devi Sanctuary, on the south is the mosque committed to Makhdoom Sahib and Akhund Mullah Shah, and anywhere nearby is the Chatti Patshahi Gurudwara. Click beautiful photos of the explained arches, multi-ordered façade, and cut walls of Hari Parbat.


Grandly situated on the banks of the Jhelum river, Khanqah-e-Moula is one more Muslim Altar of Srinagar. Built by Ruler Sikander, this hallowed place appeared in the year 1395. The Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu-styled wooden designs make it one of the most mind-blowing places to visit in Srinagar. Similarly, as you arrive at the entryway, you will see the '1384 Promotion' cut above denoting the demise of the Sufi holy person, Mir Syed Ali Hamdan, who had spread the Islam words by playing instruments.

Bottom Line 

Thus, October is a beautiful time and less crowded than the rest of the year. If you decide to visit Srinagar in October or are keen on the best time to visit Srinagar, you should consider October months. So, go to every one of the vital details, and you will have a unique and safe excursion in Srinagar. Trust us, October is an excellent month to travel to this place and assist those who are knee to visit there. And if you require further clarification, please let us know, and we will help!

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