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Is October good time to visit Spiti Valley?

07 Sep, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is October good time to visit Spiti Valley?

The month of September will ends soon and, along with it, ends the tourist season in the Spiti valley. So many places in the Himalayas will have the first spell of snow at the end of September. As winter approaches, the number of tourists will decrease, while October is mainly considered an off-season for tourism in Spiti Valley. Many tourists wonder if they can get there before the valley is buried under the snow. And if you are the one who is planning to travel to Spiti valley in October, in this particular article, we will provide you with some details on how you can plan your excursion to Spiti in October. 

Is October the best time to visit Spiti Valley?

To be honest, there is a direct yes or no about it. The situation depends upon several other factors, such as your travel, budget, itinerary, and which part you are traveling in October. In the end, October is not the best time to visit Spiti valley. However, if this is the only time you can afford to visit Spiti valley, you can visit there, but you must keep a few things in mind. You need to pursue it further. 

The most effective ways to Plan a Trip to Spiti in October

If you are the one who is planning to visit Spiti valley in October, then few things you should remember, These are as follows: 

Plan your trip towards the beginning of October: Please, plan your excursion for the initial ten days of October. This will use in two ways. It begins to snow at Kunzum top at some point by mid-October which intends that if you were going within the initial ten days, you would need to finish the Spiti circuit. Chandratal also stays open until around the tenth so that it can be remembered for the time toward the beginning of October. Going to the end of the month, you will miss many things. 

Spiti valley temperature in October: When it begins to snow at high heights passes, the temperature in the whole district drops radically. While the days will, in any case, be decently warm in October, so go Spiti valley in October,  there will be a distinct chill in the air, and evenings will get very cold. You should set yourself up for the chilly, both physically and mentally. 

Pack Accordingly: This is connected with the point above. To guarantee that you can deal with the chilly, you should pack your garments as needs are. This doesn't imply that you stuff all your heaviest woolen clinched. Pack your clothes accordingly.

Try not to plan a whole circuit in late October: if going in the last part of the month, staying away from Manali to the Kaza route is ideal. Plan to arrive at Kaza using Shimla and return the same way. If notwithstanding, the street across Kunzum and Rohtang is open, and you would like to endeavor it, guarantee that you address local people at Kaza; get exact details out and about before you head along these lines.

Begin a bit late in the day: It may not snow across Spiti in October, but the low temperatures around evening time might bring about dark ice out and about at a few spots. When the sunrise rises, snow melts and wets the streets, yet around evening time, this water freezes and goes into dark ice, which can be very difficult. Try not to begin by the first light of the day. Allow the sun to come up and hold on until it is warm. This will dissolve the dark ice and eliminate the risk. 

Things to do in Spiti Valley: 

  • Pin Valley National Park: Explore the beautiful Flora and Fauna

  • Buddhist Monasteries: Have a visit there

  • Setting up camp: Experience The Lake Views

  • Trip To Dhan Kar Lake: Try The Thrill

  • Town Of Giu: Visit The Mummy

  • Baralacha Pass: Feel The Thrill

  • Kaza's Main Market: Shop Your Heart Out

  • Star Gazing: Enjoy The Captivating Sky

  • Eat: Treat Your Tastebuds

  • Yak Safari: Have The Unique Experience

  • World's Highest Post Office: Make A Visit

  • Communicate With The Locals: Know The Culture

Bottom Line 

Eventually, visiting Spiti in October isn't the best time to visit Spiti valley. You can, in any case, plan your visit by remembering the details mentioned. If you have any further queries, go ahead and ask in the comment section or at our Community Forum, and we will love to reply. 

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