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Is November a good time to visit Kerala?

29 Oct, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is November a good time to visit Kerala?

November is a month that is considered the best time to visit this tourist destination for all intents and purposes. During the cold winters, migratory birds are seen running this place. Taking a boat ride through the quiet and beguiling backwaters of Kumarakom is perhaps the best thing to do here.

Kerala is perhaps the most beautiful place on the earth and one of the dreams of vacationers from everywhere in the world. November month considered a good time to visit Kerala. Visiting in November will leave you mesmerized because of multiple factors. The place has rich social practices, tropical beaches, great backwaters, and heat and humidity. A portion of the exciting place to visit in Kerala at the beginning of winter are Alleppey, Kovalam, and Munnar. Remaining in a houseboat to the popular Kathakali dance, you will have the best experience. The rich vegetation and the beautiful waterfall are the dreams of every vacationer. 

Weather Conditions of Kerela in November 

November time is the start of the dry season. This is an excellent time to make a beeline for God's own country, as how much crowd is significantly less during this month. The weather conditions are lovely, with days and evenings not agonizingly warm and cold separately, and your Kerala flight in November will be sheer euphoria because of something similar. You can genuinely foresee the weather in November, which makes the travel arrangements very simple. You can follow your plan with next to no block of the climate components. The typical temperature is supposed to associate with 27 °C over time. The temperature will probably remain practically similar from June to December.

Events to Go to In Kerala In November

November month is the best time to visit Kerala when a few fascinating, comprehensive developments occur in Kerela. Go to Kerala in November around these events to explore the Kerala culture at its ideal.

  • Parumala Perunnal: Parumala Perunnal is one of the most popular festivals held in Kerala. It is a yearly blowout to remember the passing commemoration of Cleric Blemish Gregorios Metropolitan. A helpful place is chosen to have the celebration making it more straightforward for the visitors to arrive at the place and enjoy the spectacular celebration.

 Date: November second, 2022

  • Vettukadu feast: Vettukadu Dining experience is a congregation celebration held at the 500-year-old Madre-de-Deus Church. On the yearly 'Christ the Ruler' Celebration, special petitions to God are hung on all the celebration days. The dynamic events draw in guests as well as the regions. A parade conveying a sculpture of Christ, the Ruler, is hung on a principal day.

Date: November twelfth, 2022 - November eighteenth, 2022 (May Differ)

  • Vaikathashtami: Vaikathashtami is the zenith of a multi-day yearly celebration festivity, including music shows, Kathakali exhibitions, expos, and dance presentations. On the last day, a parade is done, conveying the imitation of divinity. Parades from other close-by sanctuaries join this fantastic parade.

Date: November twenty-seventh, 2022

Places To Visit In Kerala In November

The climate in November in Kerala makes it an ideal chance to investigate God's property without limit. Here are probably the perfect getaway destinations in Kerala in November.

Kovalam: A fascinating beachside getaway destination, Kovalam, present in the territory of Kerala, is one of the most phenomenal spots to visit Kerala in November. The weather during this time is low and ideal for ocean-side bouncing, touring, and honeymooning. Perhaps of everything, you can manage during this time is to go through an entire day at the ocean side celebration in Kovalam.

Alleppey: A famous vacation location, Alleppey in Kerala is known for its healthy communities and ayurvedic spas. November month is considered the best time to visit Kerala. Visit Alleppey as the weather conditions stay charming during this time. Alappuzha ocean side is one of the popular attractions known for its boat races, fish, houseboats, lakes, and backwaters. Considering the typical temperature of 17 to 32 degrees Celsius, it is the ideal opportunity to go on a boat ride. Ensure you experience this in Kerala in Nov 2022.  A houseboat ride will be your departure from the typical hustle-clamor of the city. In these grand environmental factors, you can see water lilies, ducks, and paddy fields. The new green fields will awestruck you as the paddy fields are filled in November. This renowned traveler's place is known for its sanctuaries, the customary beat races, and sea shores.

Munnar: Munnar, the Kashmir of South India, as it is frequently alluded to as is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala in November. This slope station additionally has uncommon types of greenery to check out. Remember to see the worlds most significant tea home, which likewise gives a feeling of harmony from the typical commotion of the city.

Wayanad: Wayanad is the best time to visit Kerala, as the time is excellent for video, untamed life outings, photography, and touring. Relax your soul in the lavish green forested region. The spot is home to numerous creatures like elephants, panthers, egrets, and Asiatic tigers. This delightful uneven city of the Western Ghats gives you a charming environment to enjoy in every one of the activities on your Kerala visit in November.

Kumarakom: Revive your spirit in the delightful group of the island known as Kumarakoram in mid-November. Spread over an area of 14 sections of land, you can find vast types of creature species, particularly in the long periods of November. Every one of the delightful transient birds is available.

Excited to visit Kerala in November? Stand by no more and plan an outing to Kerala with your loved ones and appreciate exploring your most loved destination in the lovely weather since November is a good time to visit Kerala. Relax your brain and soul and lose all sense of direction in the shocking excellence of the place. 

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