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Is January a Good Month to Go to Mizoram?

08 Oct, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is January a good month to go to Mizoram?

Mizoram is a state in North East India, Bounded by Assam to its south and Myanmar to its east and to the North. However, are you planning to visit Mizoram soon? What will be the best time to visit? Is January a good month to visit? These are the queries that most people ask when they are planning to visit a new destination for the first time. Here we have the best answer for you.

If you plan to go to Mizoram in January, then know January is truly the best month to go there. January is one of the most amazing times to visit Mizoram, with ordinarily ideal weather, But the weather conditions might change depending on your destinations. Thus, this article will also assist you regarding the best time to visit Mizoram. What will you do? Things to pack, and the best things to do, so to get to know about these, pursue this article further. 

Best time for visiting the Mizoram

The best time for visiting Mizoram is from January to February and November to December, with the best weather. The worst months are May, June, July, August, and September, which can have unfortunate atmospheric conditions.

Mizoram observes three seasons-summer, winter, and rainy seasons. The Winter season is the best time to explore the city. The cool climate, alongside exquisite scenes, will faint you. The temperature during this period stays in ideal reach for travelers. 

Mizoram Weather in January

Mizoram experiences tropical weather conditions during the colder time of year, with high temperatures generally lasting from November to January. Mizoram can be visited whenever of the year, yet late pre-winter (October-January) is by and large viewed as the best time to go to Mizoram in light of excellent weather conditions and diminished precipitation. To visit Mizoram, you should book the Mizoram trip package through the best travel planners close to your home and get benefits with discounts and offers of up to half. 

Transport in Mizoram 

If you are taking a trip to Mizoram, you will land at the Aizawl Airport. The closest rail line station is Sairang Rail route Station which is all around and associated with significant cities of India. There are a lot of methods of transportation in Mizoram. Travelers can select taxicabs, personal vehicles, and taxis for simple driving around Mizoram. Transports to a different destination in Mizoram are likewise accessible over the day from a few areas across Imphal and other pieces of Manipur and Nagaland.

Appropriate clothing For Going To Mizoram

Mizoram is known for its chilly weather. In winter, temperatures sometimes drop to around ten °C (50°F), and it might snow in certain places. Before setting out on your Mizoram visit, ensure you wear many comfortable clothes. You should likewise carry some comfortable apparel with you during your Mizoram flight also so you can change into them if you start feeling cold while traveling or anytime during your visit. 

Things to do in Mizoram in January 

This is the list of never to miss activities while in Mizoram. There is something for each traveler in this destination, many of which are recorded beneath.

  • Get mesmerized By The Magnificence Of Vantawng Falls: Vantawng Falls is the various fall in the province of Mizoram and the thirteenth-biggest fall in the country. It is one of the most rushed vacation places in the Northeastern area. One can't go close to the falls because of the thick wood cover surrounding the whole spot. One gets hypnotized by the magnificence of the falls, yet additionally gets associated with nature.

  • Visit Reiek heritage town: The Travel Industry of Mizoram has created and kept a Mizo town in Reiek. The houses are outfitted and give a brief look into the courageous history. A couple of new Mizo residences have likewise been fabricated to show how the Mizo lifestyle has developed to stay aware of cutting-edge innovations. There is again a hotel in the vicinity, providing excellent food and housing. 

  • Tiger Watching At Dampa Tiger Reserve: The Dampa Tiger Hold is one of India's most distant tiger saves. It is located in a  western part of Mizoram. It imparts boundaries to Bangladesh. Dampa Tiger Save is known to interface China and Malayan districts. This tiger saves the differentiation of facilitating countless blurred panthers in the whole locale of Southeast Asia. Hence, one can see that they separated from the tigers. And there is an adequate number of other fauna in the city. The whole tiger reserve is observed by surveillance cameras that monitor the number of creatures that wander around the place. One can click a ton of picture takers in the place without blocking the animals' environment.

  • Get Submerged In love At The Chhingpuii And Kap Tluanga Remembrance: Chhingpuii is a beautiful lady who had a place with a noble group of Mizoram. Numerous youthful and enthusiastic young people needed to get hitched to her. However, she fell head over heels for a man called Kap Tluanga and lived with him for a couple of years. She lost her life during the second thoughtful conflict that desolated the whole Northeastern locale. Her better half was always unable to assume the deficiency of his significant other, and he took his life. A memorial has been worked close to Chhingchhip town, which is committed to the timeless love of this couple. If you are visiting Mizoram with your partner, you should never miss seeing this memorial of love. 

  • Shop The local Exotics At Barra Marketplace: Barra Marketplace is one of the most clamoring habitats of the city. If you wish to purchase crafted works and other nearby results of Barra Market, then, at that point, you should visit Barra Marketplace. Aside from the neighborhood treats, one can purchase many different items from renowned brands. There are side-of-the-road shops and shopping centers in the Barra Marketplace commercial center. You can get many suitable arrangements here if you have fantastic haggling abilities. You can likewise purchase many things unique to the North East's locale. The style of handiworks and other hand-tailored things are not entirely the same as what one could track down in different places in India.

  • Go for heritage Around Reiek: This is perhaps of the gorgeous hills that Can be seen here. After climbing the mountain, one can get a complete view of the valley and the encompassing. One can get a comprehensive view of Bangladesh too. The place is likewise specked with numerous minimalistic homes that discuss the way of life of Mizo peoples. The state government has found a way a lot of ways to protect the houses. The Hills are home to a portion of the intriguing types of birds. There is convenience in the place where one can stop around the evening and enjoy the view. There is likewise a restaurant that serves delectable food.

Bottom Line 

Whether a budget traveler or a backpacker, Mizoram offers something to everybody. Mizoram is, without a doubt, one of India's most intriguing vacationer places. It is genuinely paradise on the planet. Mainly, January month is best for Mizoram. The melting glaciers and fantastic weather make for some amazing things. With many travel services to pick from and the scope of exploring facilities, anybody can find an ideal getaway in Mizoram. 

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