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Is it worth visiting San Francisco in December?

26 Sep, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is it worth visiting San Francisco in December?

San Francisco is a city unlike some other, and whether the time decides to visit it, you will indeed have a fantastic experience. However, it's hard not to love the end of the year here. If you choose to visit San Francisco in December, you will frequently be compensated with the less crowded, less expensive hotel rates and flawless events light shows. The temperature decrease to the mid-50s, yet as long as you come ready with a lot of layers, you'll, in any case, enjoy all that wintertime in San Francisco brings to the table.

December in is the best time to visit San Francisco, and worth visiting. The month usually is prepping for the colder Christmas season, with Christmas and New year not far off. It is happy and cheerful energy all through the town. Some various events and festivities are going on in each niche and corner of the baby's city.

Weather Conditions of San Francisco in December

Weather of San Francisco in december month is cold and windy. Except if you are visiting Lake Tahoe, you will not get to observe any snow. It is an overcast month with showers of rains, and wintering storms are likewise inclined. There are right around 9-10 hrs of light, so there is a lot of opportunity to explore the city enclosed by your warm wraps and sweaters!

  • Most extreme temperature: 14-degree celsius

  • Most minor temperature: 8-degree celsius

  • And the Rainfall: 3.1 inch

Festivals and events in December in San Francisco

Christmas Tree Lighting Services: The Christmas tree lighting services at Association Square, Dock 39, Macy's square, and Ghirardelli Square are a must-watch if you are in the city for the Christmas season. The lovely trees, the massive number of lights and decorations, the event's music playing, and the occasional treats are high-priority experiences. Also, if you are adequately fortunate, you could detect St Nick moving!

Great Dickens Christmas fair: The Incomparable Dickens Christmas fair is a time travel insight back to Victorian Britain. This themed fair is held at Cow Castle in Daly City. There are north of 800 entertainers who will be giving dramatic exhibitions on the stage. The fair, with its unrecorded music, dance parties, food slows down, and individuals generally decked up in clothes from the Victorian period, is a superb experience for youngsters and grown-ups.

Lighted Boat March: The light boat marches in San Francisco have been a practice since around 1994. It is one of the narrow region's biggest and most seasoned parades. The individuals from the different boat and yacht clubs, like the Brilliant Entryway Yacht club and Angler's Wharf Fishing fleet, participate in the procession. The decked and brightened boats get on the waterfront close to Dock 39. Guests line up along the narrows to observe these events. 

San Francisco's Nutcracker ballet: The San Francisco Nutcracker Expressive dance was a custom that started way back on Christmas eve in 1944. It was the central full-length creation of the nutcracker in the US. It is one of the enchanted ways for groups of vacationers and locals to enjoy the Christmas season. Best time to visit San Francisco is in the month of December so you should see this time. The lights, the heartfelt snowfall, and the colder time of year treat give a healthy touch to this famous expressive dance execution.

Santa Con: SantaCon is a flash mob experience where the locals and tourists take on the appearance of St Nick Claus and visit through the roads visiting significant attractions, chiming in the way, and making cheerful. They likewise each bring a gift and give it at the fire station to oppressed kids. It is an enjoyable event to enjoy and be a piece of the group.

Illuminate SF: The Enlighten San Francisco celebration contains 43 establishments of light craftsmanship across 17 areas in the city. North of 30 delicate artisans makes it. The city wakes up with these lights after the sun goes down. The entire happy energy from Thanksgiving to New year can be capable through the vibrance of these lights. These glowing sculptures show the strength of the morning. 

Places to Visit San Francisco in December

  • Shopping And Skating At the union Square: The union square is the focal point of the best Christmas beautifications, events, and shows. Shop till you drop around union square focusing on every one of the worldwide brands. The ice skating arena is a significant fascination in the association square for individuals, everything being equal.

  • Japanese Tea Garden: THE  tea garden in San Francisco is one of America's most seasoned tea gardens. It was laid out in 1894 as a feature of a Japanese Town. The cascade, the lamps, the koi lakes, lakes, the angled drum span, and the magnificence of the Japanese plants and trees add to the nursery's peaceful and quiet insight. It is a beautiful blend of history and imagination embodied in those five sections of land.

  • Zoolights: The San Francisco zoo is lit up with many lovely lights during the Christmas season. The entire zoo sparkles with the merry cheer. After nightfall, families go there with their children to stroll through the zoo with Christmas treats and enjoy the magnificence, games, and commercial center. It is a supernatural involvement in the glimmering lights and reindeer, which is wholly appreciated.

  • Trolley rides: Trolley rides are a priority touristy encounter on the off chance you are in the city. It is one of the leading moving landmarks in North America. The most famous Powell Hyde line takes you through Lombard road (the most warped road on the planet) to the Russian highway. A carefree ride can be delightful while reviewing the city's feel.

  • Alcatraz Jail: The Alcatraz Jail is an off-coast jail in the temperate region. Thus, you get to go there by ship. Even though the prison has been shut throughout recent years, the detainees have made some meaningful difference, and you can likewise observe how they lived. An independent sound visit lets you know the verifiable stories of this jail. It again gives you fascinating realities that will leave you in wonder.

The Bottom Line 

Being the month of christmas, December in san Fransisco is buzzing with activities and beautiful experiences. Explore these activities and the destinations in December since December is the best time to visit San Francisco. Also, the weather is quite impressive, the hotel prices are low, and the crowd is lesser than in other months. Take a trip to the bay Region and spend an exciting christmas there! 

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