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Is it worth visiting Goa in November?

14 Nov, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is it worth visiting Goa in November?

For some, the lure of a vacation to Goa is obvious. The staggering scope of beaches, flavourful food, well-disposed individual, and wonderful nature shape prominent helpful getaway destinations. The subject of when to head on vacation to Goa is one that we experience frequently, and the facts confirm that there are months more suited to a vacation in India's sunshine state.

Making a trip to Goa in November offers different potential outcomes about what kind of events you wish to spend in Goa, whether relaxing on one of the stretches of the coastline or getting dynamic and daring across various visits. The journey there are a vast number of activities in Goa in November, which makes the Goa experience worth visiting. November is likewise the cheapest month to visit Goa. It invites the beginning of the place's primary Christmas season, so we have made a little guide regarding why we think you will get the best out of Goa in November. 

What time is considered the best time to Visit Goa? 

The best time to visit Goa is n winter, and it also relies upon a lot of variables like are you wanting to explore around or hope to appreciate water sports in this state. That is not all, and you need to consider your financial plan while arranging an outing to Goa. Thus, to make it simpler for you to carve out the best time to visit Goa, we have recorded when to visit Goa for a specific budget plan. 

Weather in Goa

Goa encounters three significant environments, and we will discuss what you can anticipate from every one of these regarding touring and activities. 

Goa in December 

As we have referenced, Goa is in the colder time of year season, from November to February. At that particular time, the weather becomes beautiful, and the temperature is between 20 - 25 degrees Celsius. You can relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the festive air of Goa. This is likewise when Goa sees many celebrations like the Sun-related burn celebration. Thus, if you are keen on encountering that, you should plan an outing to Goa in winter. This is likewise the best time to visit Goa for so many outside activities, such as you can participate to enjoy a ton of water activities like cruising, kayaking, scuba jumping, windsurfing, etc.

If you wish to stay away from the crowd, you can make a beeline for South Goa and invest energy there. Additionally, since this is the rush hour to visit Goa, ensure that you pre-book all that to try not to stall out here. 

Why book a holiday to Goa in November? 

The weather 

The weather in Goa in November makes for the best month for visiting Goa for admirers of daylight. The storm season has breathed easy November shows up, bringing increasing temperatures and a lot of sun, with average daytime temperatures staying nearby 32ºC. Likewise, the past wet months have left a rich, green scene, making for a few delightful and beautiful locations across the state.

The Beaches 

The bright weather conditions in Goa in November make the beaches the central places of any outing to the state. Although the groups will step by step start to move in as the month advances, you'll, in any case, have the option to discover some calm stretches of sand to relax on, particularly the further south you go. November is an extraordinary month for swimming in the ocean, as the water will generally remain around 29ºC.

Seaside shacks and markets

As the high season kicks into life during November in Goa, so does its scope of welcoming and fragrant ocean-side shacks and its energetic and bright business sectors. Many beach shacks that line Goa's beaches are destroyed during low season. In November, large numbers are popped back up on the sand, presenting essential rewards on hot days, too tasty new food. One of the most incredible is Zeebop on the Utorda Oceanside.

Visits and journeys

Our sublime and various program of visits and journeys kicks into life in November, offering holidaymakers the valuable chance to investigate the province of Goa across a scope of exercises and experiences. Whether you the extravagant retaining history and natural life using the Brief looks at Goa visit, going through the night on a traditional houseboat on the Goan backwaters, or visiting the old remains of Hampi, Goa in N can be an activity and experienced-pressed month for travelers. 

The celebrations 

  • There are a couple of intriguing celebrations to explore in Goa from October to November month, remembering India's take on the Cannes Film Celebration, yet Diwali will genuinely captivate. You will see beautiful decorations, lighting, and many things to celebrate all over the goa. 

  • Beginning on 29th October, the Hindu celebration of light is a five-day event that runs into November. The elements include the lighting of lights, the hanging of lamps, and numerous other fire and light embellishments and occasions. It is one of the most stunning scenes in India - and an unquestionable necessity for anybody venturing out to Goa in November.


From the temperature and weather activities, you can appreciate even the costs for the stay, tickets, and so on shifts in Goa in light of the time. This makes it difficult for some to know when is the best month for visiting Goa, and we are confident that with this guide, you'll know precisely when you should book your passes to Goa. For anybody that loves to party and needs to see Goa at its most happening self, the months from October to February are ideal, with December and January being excellent.

The off-season is considered the best time to visit Goa. It is impeccably adjusted. From the group at the beaches costs to even the activities and groups, you can enjoy the best of everything. Furthermore, finally, if you love to see the nearby side of Goa and need some harmony and serenity alongside greenery, the stormy months are made for you. If you have more inquiries, drop them in the comment segment underneath. You can likewise reach out to us. 

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