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Is December the Best Time to Visit Scotland?

24 Sep, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is December the Best Time to Visit Scotland?

With short days and long, cozy nights, December is an atmospheric time in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with the conventional merriments and the Christmas marketers somewhere else. Decembermis one of the calmest and cheapest Time of year to visit Scotland to enjoy Scotland's beauty on a beautiful excursion, whether you favor untamed life and the whisky tasting in the good northern countries or cliff walk and seafood on the wild west coast. 


Scotland's change from late pre-winter to late-fall brings a cooler climate and early nightfalls, before 4 pm with something like seven hours of sunlight each day. You can expect a mishmash of weather patterns. However, provincial varieties rely on where you travel. Western Scotland will probably see somewhat milder temperatures from the bay stream, in addition to more rain and the wind coming from the North Atlantic. At the same time, eastern Scotland will have less downpour and the cooler air from the North Ocean, anf the conceivable snow in the high countries. 

The hotel town of Oban on the west coast sees average highs of 47°F (8°C) and lows of 40°F (4°C) this month, while St Andrews on the east sees average highs of 45°F (7°C). There is, however, a lot of heavy rain from November to January. The months of November to January are considered the rainiest months in Scotland. Given the frigid temperatures and variable climate, it's ideal to come ready with a thick coat that can deal with dampness (downpour or snow), a cap and gloves, an umbrella, and great strolling shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. In the summertime, there will be a clear sky with a lot of sunlight. 

Best Time to visit Scotland: December to February

Many individuals avoid visiting Scotland in winter, while this season has many benefits and specialties:

  • It's Christmas time! Christmas celebrations all around the country open from mid-November, with many winter celebrations.
  • The possibilities of snow are high, particularly after New Year's Eve.
  • The Winter season is the best time for stargazing and likely Aurora Borealis sightings.
  • Right now is an ideal time to visit Scotland on a tight budget.
  • Winter is an incredible time for activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice-getting over, and winter mountaineering.
  • To see genuine Scottish Vikings, visit the Shetland Islands in January for Up. 

But, this is the thing that keeps individuals from heading out to Scotland in winter. Could you concur?

  • The days can be concise. The briefest day of the year is around 21 December, with a couple of long stretches of light.
  • It very well may be COLD or potentially wet! Scottish winters are by and larger than mainland Europe, yet they can be wet, and there isn't anything as awkward as a damp and chilly climate.
  • Numerous attractions, activities, and a few facilities are presently shut down for the season.

Thighs to Do in Scotland in December 

Edinburgh's vacation festivities happen in different places, yet none more so than an east prince street garden, with a famous Christmas market selling local presents and the elected on the wine and hot cocoa. The city likewise has Europe's most significant outside ice place and a Ferris haggle ride. If you are in the capital during the new year, you will need to participate in Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year celebration, with unrecorded music and firecrackers. You can experience all these things at a significantly cheaper rate, since December month is the Cheapest Time to Visit Scotland since the crowd is low and you will get the best discounts and deals on hotels and stay. 

  • In December, you should book a reservation for evening tea at the Balmoral Hotel's Plam court and the feasts at the city's best cafe for the rest of the Time.
  • Glasgow has a few events. For the audience and a couple of Christmas markets, similar to the beguiling plan at St Enoch Square, highlighting many chalets serving nearby fresh duck rotisserie, bratwurst, and crepes. 
  • Make a point to walk around George Square to see the customary happy lights. At the same time, well-known structures like the City Loads, Glasgow Illustrious Show Corridor, and Buchanan Exhibitions are changed into winter wonderlands with stunning light shows.
  • For outdoor skiing, Aviemore, on the edge of Cairngorms Public park, is known as one of Scotland's best places for snow skiing. If the snow isn't perfect, the city is phenomenal for winter climbing and untamed life. This season is more straightforward to spot red beer and brilliant falcons. If that set of experiences is more your thing, go to Urquhart Palace and the close Culloden Combat zone (Scotland's Alamo) with intuitive displays.
  • On the west coast, you can get a guide and follow the official Fish Trail, including part cafés and purveyors, or make your food visit and get into Scottish shellfish, langoustines, scallops, mussels, smoked salmon, and ruler crab. The west coast has its good part of famous whisky refineries, similar to the acclaimed eighteenth-century Oban Refinery and the Lagavulin Refinery on the Isle of Islay, known for its peaty single malts.
  • Keep an eye out for dusk that transforms into comfortable nights anywhere you go. What could be compared to danish hygge? The scots love to cluster by the chimney, light candles and give plaid covers. Stargazing is extraordinary on a crisp evening, and there might be looks at Aurora Borealis.

Events in December

  • Edinburgh's Christmas. This six-week event celebration (end of November through early January) happens in different areas across the capital with entertainment rides, a Christmas market, and an ice skating arena.
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day, from one side of the country to the other. Public events. Anticipate terminations on the two days.
  • Hogmanay, Edinburgh. The Scottish New Year is commended in Edinburgh, starting with a light-lit parade, trailed by a few days of music, road theater, firecrackers, and festivals that might endure through the initial not many long periods of January.

In Conclusion

Scotland is a prominent European place with many things to do, but the best time to go to Scotland would be in the months of summer and winter when the weather is lovely, calm, and beautiful. Then again, it all depends on the activities you are looking at. 

Hopefully, this article helped you with the specific times you will be interested in visiting Scotland and what you can do during those months. So what are you waiting for? Plan your excursion ahead of time and have fun in Scotland with your family and friends. 

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