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Is December a good time to visit Jaisalmer?

19 Nov, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Is December a good time to visit Jaisalmer?

Indeed December is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to visit Jaisalmer as the city's temperature stays moderate and suitable for outside activities, unlike the remainder of the year, which is warm and dry. In December, you will be invited to radiant days and crisp evenings to make your touring and convenience experience staggering. Individuals love to Get into the city of Jaisalmer in December to embrace a lot of fervor. You will need to visit the various lakes and parks where you can relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. 

Jaisalmer in December guarantees you extraordinary tomfoolery and happiness in the colder time of year when the city's temperature stays pleasurable and makes the travel industry simple. Due to singing intensity, the climatic circumstances become problematic in the late spring getaway. Hence the cold weather months invite vacationers with a credible heart and allow them to capitalize on the visit.

Best time to visit Jaisalmer 

Sitting grandly at the edge of the Thar Desert, India's 'Brilliant City' pulls in energetic travelers from across borders. The good time to visit Jaisalmer is in December and March when the temperature in this culture-rich place is between 10°c to 27°c. Being a desert city, winter is considered a good time to visit Jaisalmer as the sun is ideal for all the touring the spot is well known for. Winter is when Jaisalmer wakes up with all its liveliness. Displaying its rich legacy, Jaipur permits you to participate in the sublime heritage that it has so liberally imparted to the world.

The most excellent draw for most vacationers is the bright celebrations and the festivals that can't be seen elsewhere on the planet. In any case, numerous open-air activities can also be appreciated. Jaisalmer is undoubtedly the outing that could only be described as epic and independent of which season you choose to visit; you should come ready for it.

The average temperature of Jaisalmer in December 

The typical, most minor temperature (usually, the base temperature is noted during the evening) in Jaisalmer in December is 10.5°C (50.9°F). How many rains in December are deficient, with a normal of 2mm (0.1in)? It rainfall on average a sum of 0 days. The typical, most fantastic daytime temperature lies around 25.4°C (77.72°F).

What you should wear in Jaisalmer in December?

The weather in Jaisalmer generally remains excellent for open-air activities. The city gets radiant days and chilled evenings. It is consistently prudent to convey a couple of coats, sweaters, and other comfortable clothes to ensure you have something to cover your neck and make a beeline for ceasing yourself from contracting a bug.

You should wear socks and gloves to warm your feet and hands. Things like beanies, covers, and scarves are additionally valuable. Nights will more often than not be freezing, so you should keep yourself arranged to handle whatever comes your direction.

Things to do in Jaisalmer in December 

Walk through Jaisalmer fort

Since December is a best time to visit Jaisalmer, You can briefly look at the impressive Jaisalmer fort anyplace in this little city. Thousands live inside, making it the most established living fort in India. Houses, inns, and Havelis should be visible as you clear your path through the fort by foot, with tuk-tuks and cruisers zooming past you as the occupants carry on with their ordinary lives. Getting overpowered by the sights and sounds, the sheer history and architectural brightness around you is simple.

Go through a morning at Gadisar Lake

There could be no more excellent method for beginning a chilly winter morning in Jaisalmer than visiting the renowned Gadisar Lake. Found simply a kilometer from the stronghold, Gadisar Lake was the primary water source in the district for quite a long time, worked by the immediate lord of Jaisalmer, Raja Rawal Jaisal. Today, the waters are home to a populace of catfish taken care of by the nearby ladies each Amavasya. Antiquated temples devoted to Krishna and Shiva stand right by the lake.

Enjoy a night of cultural performance at a desert camp

Jaisalmer is small enough that you can advance all through the city by enjoying or hiring a tuk-tuk in a day. In any case, when the sun is going to set, we prescribe going away from the city to the Sam sand rises that line the Thar Desert. Here, you'll find heaps of desert camps with nights committed to cultural exhibitions where you can get nearby vocalists and artists to perform famous people tunes (counting the profound 'Padharo Mhare Desh' embraced by Rajasthan The travel industry), trailed by the celebrated Ghoomar dance and a tasty supper that incorporates the excellent rendition you can find of Ker Sangri, a well-known winter dish in Rajasthan.

Stargaze in a campout in the desert

If Sam's sand hills are excessively standard for you, the sand rises of Khuri some 40km south of Sam. Here, you'll get to encounter a more remote setting up camp insight and the best time to visit Jaisalmer or to go through the night around a massive fire with the twilight sky spread from one finish of the skyline to another. With clear skies over the desert, you can see the Smooth Way clear its path during that time sky, an uncommon view for most individuals who live in the city and a lovely sight that consumes into memory. 

Go on a desert safari

What’s more, for those who need experience, you can't botch the opportunity to rise, slamming on the rear of a 4×4 through the Thar desert. Clutch the bars for your dear life as the master drivers weave their direction through each peak and box. Toward its finish, you'll have a touch of sand between your teeth and a wide smile. For the individuals who favor something somewhat less wild, there are the camel safaris that take you around the desert ridges, with the choice to go on an entire run if you so want.

Bottom Line 

So, the weather in Jaisalmer in December remains beautiful, and that’s why December is a good time to visit Jaisalmer. In December, you will have a sunny bright day with chilly breezes at night. So what are you waiting for? Gear up to save the best Jaisalmer by arranging your Jaisalmer trip, and collect so many memories by visiting with your loved ones.  

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